AutoCAD 2007/2008/2009

AutoCAD 2007/2008/2009

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Re: lsp files available

08-10-2007 03:24 AM in reply to: *Gehenna
"Gehenna" wrote in message
I have a lot of lsp files, some of which I am going to delete from my
system, but which I will transfer to a diskette. I have attached a Word
document with a listing of all these files, which includes a short
description of each. If anyone wishes to have any of these, because I do
not wish to encumber this group with extraneous "patter", please give me
your email and I will zip them and send them to you. Additionally, I
have some of these in fas form and if you w
ish these, I will also send the

could you email me fudge.lsp & ss.lisp & ECLN.LSP

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Re: lsp files available

08-10-2007 04:05 PM in reply to: *Gehenna
wow! those look great - i'd love a copy...
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Re: lsp files available

08-10-2007 04:30 PM in reply to: *Gehenna
Thanks for the offer !!
Please send to ''
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Re: lsp files available

09-01-2007 01:39 AM in reply to: *Gehenna
please send the lisp files to my email id:
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Re: lsp files available

11-28-2011 07:23 PM in reply to: *Gehenna

dear Gehenna

I am interested to have such a document of lsp routine file pls forward the same to my id.

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Re: lsp files available

01-16-2012 08:50 AM in reply to: *Gehenna

do these lisps exist anywhere that I can download them from?

or is Gehenna still active on this forum? (if so, please email me a zip of all lisps!)


if someone else managed to get a hold of the lisps, please send them to me too!

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Re: lsp files available

02-06-2012 05:52 AM in reply to: *Gehenna



Could you please send me your lsp files. My email







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Re: lsp files available

02-08-2012 06:54 AM in reply to: *Gehenna

You have an impressive list. I've started to review it, but am short of time as usual.

I'd love for you to send them all to me so I can study them better.

Send them to:


Thanks for sharing them -KLYPH

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