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AutoCAD 2008 Activation Error

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08-27-2010 10:34 AM

Afer several successful launches of the software, I get "Verifying License" splash screen.  I called Autodesk and obtained a new license key.  I was able to activate the software and continue using the product.  After a couple of days using the software with no problems, I launched and I got the "Verifying License" splash screen again.  I spoke with the activation team and they indicated there was a patch to correct this problem.  I have ran the patch and installed SP1 and both were sucessful.  I obtained a new activation code and was able to sucessfully launch the software.  I has been working fine for a couple of days.  This morning when launching the application, I got the same error message "Verifying License".  Now the software has to be activated again.  I noticed that the request code was diffrent from when I activated a couple of days ago.  I am using a  IBM Thinkpad T410 computer with Windows XP Professional.  Does anyone have any ideas

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Re: AutoCAD 2008 Activation Error

08-30-2010 05:12 AM in reply to: omorris0428

Sounds like your system, or network, is ruuning a third party tool or app every few days, perhaps a disctructive Regsitry Cleaner or some sort of system restore. Dig deeper and away from AutoCAD for a trigger.

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Re: AutoCAD 2008 Activation Error

11-06-2012 04:17 AM in reply to: omorris0428



I have the same problem... atleast 1s or 2wise i my need to activate the product in 2 months. it's keep happening. dont know the reason behind that. There is no registry cleaner running on that system. o/s is win7 and the autocad version is   2008. please suggest any patch to be installed to prevent the deactivation of my product?



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Re: AutoCAD 2008 Activation Error

11-06-2012 04:24 AM in reply to: anbustuff



>> o/s is win7 and the autocad version is   2008

You know that AutoCAD 2008 is not built for Win7? (and so not tested with ... and so not supported for ...)

I'm quite sure that Autodesk will not bring up a patch for a 5 year old product, so it's better not to wait for that (and 2008 is out of support-cycle for 2 years now, I think).


You might have a chance if you get as much permission as possible, disable UAC, maybe disable any software that avoids writing registry-entries (at least for AutoCAD-relevant areas). But none of these options are a guarantee.


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Re: AutoCAD 2008 Activation Error

11-06-2012 02:07 PM in reply to: Alfred.NESWADBA

I avoided all of those problems by running ACADE 2008 in XP Mode under Win 7 Pro 64 bit.


Had a few problems getting the network side of things working but that was more a problem of Win 7 and XP mode interacting with Server 2008.


If you do go this route, make sure to disable the interaction between XP mode and Win 7. This will allow 32 bit graphics and higher resolutions for the larger screens.


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