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Windows 7 and AutoCAD 2005?

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01-05-2010 02:32 PM
I sorta went through this same thing when I migrated from Win2k to Vista -- "known compatibility issues" with the new OS. Somehow, Vista held my hand and helped me install acad 2005 okay.

Win 7 Home Premium upgraded my machine from Vista Home Premium with little hassle, leaving all my installed applications in place, and to my knowledge all seem to run okay except AutoCAD. I get the above compatibility alert, click the "check for solutions" button, am directed to the message "download fix", or something like that. I download the fix, which is actually an exe file for Service Pack 1, I run that. Then when I attempt to run AutoCAD, I get the same two buttons to click, "check for solutions" or "run".

This time I choose "run" but nothing happens. I check my Task Manager and see that Autocad is not one of the apps loaded.

Should I proceed to uninstall, then reinstall acad?

My last resort, I think, is to create another disk partition and install Windows 2000 Pro there. I don't want to do that, however.

Any tips?

Len Miller
*Dean Saadallah
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Re: Windows 7 and AutoCAD 2005?

01-06-2010 07:53 PM in reply to: fatfreek
Win7 Pro and above, not any home variant, have XP compatibility mode for
running old software.

Dean Saadallah
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Re: Windows 7 and AutoCAD 2005?

01-08-2010 07:54 AM in reply to: fatfreek
Hi Dean,

Thanks for replying. Hmmm ... looks like Win 7 Home Premium is a step back from Vista Home Premium in that one respect. My Vista had the compatibility mode, which was how I was able to run 2005.

A new partition with win2k looks like my only alternative.

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Re: Windows 7 and AutoCAD 2005?

01-11-2010 08:41 AM in reply to: fatfreek
This link may be helpful for running Win 7 in compatibilty mode. So far I have had no problems with it.
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Re: Windows 7 and AutoCAD 2005?

01-11-2010 12:16 PM in reply to: fatfreek
Hi Mary,

I browsed the script page from that link you gave me. It looks encouraging and I hope to try it by tomorrow.

Thanks very much,
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Re: Windows 7 and AutoCAD 2005?

10-25-2012 06:04 PM in reply to: fatfreek

Hi, I have a serious proble, due a i´m not allowed to run Autcad 2005 on mi Windows 7 Ultimate Edition, i try set the compatibility options as windows XP Service Pack 2, as Service Pack 3, As Windows 2000, as every version of windows listed on the compatibility options, and check the box for the "Run as Administrator", and the ACad still not working, what esle i can do, becouse a don´t want to downgrade to Win XP...

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Re: Windows 7 and AutoCAD 2005?

10-31-2012 05:47 AM in reply to: enrique4to
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Re: Windows 7 and AutoCAD 2005?

09-26-2013 12:47 PM in reply to: fatfreek

To run AutoCAD 2004, 2005, 2006  on windows 7 64 bit computer

1. Download and install Windows XP Mode and Windows Virtual PC for windows site.

2. Set up a password for for the XP Mode user name will be automatically XPMUser.  You can change it if you want.

3. Run XP Mode.

4. IN XP Mode window go to tools "Disable Integration Features" and enter your password.(To find tools minimized the XP Mode window and Tools will be in the upper left of the XP Mode window)

5. Install AutoCAD on Virtual XP desktop exactly as you would on any XP machine and make sure you stay in the XP mode at all times.

 NOTE: you might need to copy the AutoCAD file to a USB pen drive or other detachable drive to make it work which you have to put the pen drive in the computer then in XP window go to USB tab and attach or enable the USB pen drive. 6. To run AutoCAD you must run it in the XP Mode and you must "Disable Integration Features" or it will not recognize your AutoCAD license.

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