AutoCAD 2004/2005/2006

AutoCAD 2004/2005/2006

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Generating a DXF with Graphics

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06-20-2006 06:49 AM
Our company has a Project Management system that generates our default Title Block in DXF format with all of the job information filled in to the correct text boxes. The Title Block contains four default BMP images (the base title block was generated with LT which could only insert BMPs and many of our drafters are working in LT) which the drafters currently have to replace with job-related images. I have been looking for a good reference to tell me what format the graphics need to be in so that they can be inserted into the DXF programmatically.

I've checked the standard DXF specifications but it seems to cover primarily reading existing DXF files and I don't see an answer to my question there. I've also tried searching these forums without much success. The only reference manual I could find in that search (Mastering Autocad 2000 Objects by Dietmar Rudolph, Rudolph Dietmar) is out of print and quite possibly obsolete.

I'm hoping that someone here can point me in the right direction. If there's a book that you can recommend or a reference site that I've missed, I'd greatly appreciate hearing about it.

Dan Lyons
ASC of Boston, Inc.
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Re: Generating a DXF with Graphics

06-22-2006 10:58 AM in reply to: DanLyons
Just an update if anyone looks at this thread:
I've managed to create a DXF file that opens without errors, unfortunately it opens without the graphics too.
From my research it looks like the DXF image data has been converted to hex format and that the binary file data contains some amount of locational information. If I swap just the binary data from one OLE wrapper to another, the image appears in the location of the graphic the binary information was taken from not where the headers indicate. If I convert my images to hex and insert them as binary data - the DXF will open without errors or graphics, as mentioned above. I've confirmed that the binary data is there, it's just missing whatever locational data is encoded into the data when it is inserted via AutoCAD.
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Re: Generating a DXF with Graphics

06-25-2012 10:09 PM in reply to: DanLyons



did you get the solution for your question?

As i am also facing the same problem



Pranav C Lunavat

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