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Re: Can I run AutoCAD Lt 2000 on Windows 7

06-10-2012 09:50 AM in reply to: RogerWalker
did you read this whole thread?
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hardware lock problem

11-20-2012 10:04 PM in reply to: jdoverman

i have seven autocadd 2000 and 15 autdocad R14.. the problem is i cant use this software from a new pc available in the market.. because ther is no lpt1 port availabe in a new motherboard is their any other way to fix this matter


thank you


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Re: hardware lock problem

11-21-2012 05:32 AM in reply to: wrqnavy07

Would either one of these work?  This came from Tiger Direct.



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Re: to wrqnavy07 hardware lock problem

12-16-2012 04:37 PM in reply to: wrqnavy07

" because ther is no lpt1 port availabe in a new motherboard is their any other way to fix this matter "


Thery big number of new motherboards (Check with you local hardware providers) from "Intel" (DH77KC, DH77EB), "ASUS" and "Gigabyte"  (GA-H77M-D3H, GA-H77M-D3H) with last chipsets have onboard Parallel Port (via Internal Header). But not have external connector (LPT bracket 26pin to 25pin).


You need one like this from the list


for each motherboard.


Simple install in Windows XP 32bit and Windows 7 32bit.

Need only run in compatibility with Windows 2000 and "run as administrator" in Windows 7

You need update hardware lock (plug) driver for Sentinel from new support site:


In Windows 7 64bit and Windows 8 64bit - need more "tricks". Replace setup.exe (for 32bit program this file build as 16bit application) with this Also run in compatibility with Windows 98 (Windows 8 not have option for Windows 2000) and "run as administrator". But You not have option to install serivis pack and express update. After first installation need only copy all AutoCAD folder and Autodesk Shared from another, updated, XP computer or installed in XP mode, Virtual PC or VMWare mashine.


This Intel Workstation board include Back Panel LPT connector:

This Gigabyte boards also have Back Panel LPT Connectors,4151,4195


Thank You

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Boris S.

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Re: Can I run AutoCAD 2000 on Windows 7

03-12-2013 09:45 AM in reply to: gsb028



I am having the same problem with the arrow or pan "hand" in the center of the cross hairs. I have had Windows 7 pro installed, and installed Autocad 2000 in the virtual XP mode. It all works, except for the arrow and hand, which are very distracting.


I know this is late, but is anyone still out there that knows how to fix this problem?



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