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OLE & layers

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12-27-1999 07:55 PM
Question regarding OLE & layers

I have a drawing of a building - bld.dwg with 2 floors, layer fl_1 &
layer fl_2.

I have a 2 page word document, page 1 shows floor 1 and page 2 shows
floor 2
I want to make changes to acad drawing and have it reflect on the
correct page of the word document.

This is my first experience with OLE and I've run into a problem, when I
change the layer setting from fl1 to fl2, the word document page 1 shows
floor 2.

It seems that copy link takes whatever is in the view that had been
linked and updates the word document regardless of the layer setting in
effect at the time of the original linking.

I'm using A2k commands I'm using are copylink, paste special, paste
link and acad drawing.

Without creating another source drawing eg. fl1.dwg & fl2.dwg and
linking them to page 1 and page 2, is there a way to prevent the linking
from updating the "wrong layer" setting.

Thanks Frank
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