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Can't highlight the object with a colour in between

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10-21-2011 04:41 AM



We are using AutoCAD 2011 and Access Database.

I am new to DB connect functionality. I need to build a system in which we need to highlight those objects/locations which are vacant, among the available 100 objects in drawing.

In order to differentiate a vacant place I have created a table and created a column with name as status which tells us whether the place is empty or vacant. I have created 100 rows in that table and mapped one on one basis of the 100 rows with a primary key ID to a object in Auto CAD Drawing(drawing containing 100 rectangular objects). Now when I query the object (in this case I have treated each object as a rectangle.) the boundary of the rectangle is highlighted.

My query is if I insert Hatch inside the rectangle, is it possible to highlight the vacant objects with the help of query and the highlighted object should show hatch as say yellow colour.



Prateek Abroal

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