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Waves, water...easiest way to generate them?

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11-09-2012 06:30 AM
what 3D programs are most suitable of creating waves and water animation or still 3D objects?

Just need to know this, because I want to design different kind of surfaces for CNC-cutter. Meaning that my aim is to create furniture and art from wood, where the surface structure imitates any organic or water kind of shape.

I mainly use Rhinoceros 3D, but sometimes I use 3D studio max and other programs in designing stuff.

Someone said that I should use maya and real flow to generate waves, but they seem too complicated. Or is there simple and clear tutorial and free files for 3D waves/water, which I can download and then change parameters of 3D object by myself?

I need to import those 3D files to 3ds or dxf then.
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