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Digital-Tutors Announces an All-New Educational Series for Beginner Artists

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08-26-2009 03:21 PM
Hi everyone,

Adding to our exciting announcements and new releases this month, Digital-Tutors is proud to announce the ‘Visual Guide to Animation,’ the first in an all-new educational series of training created and developed specifically for beginner artists who are looking to build a strong, solid foundation to understanding and learning animation.

‘Visual Guide to Animation’ is a software independent course that provides over 20 self-paced lessons and step-by-step approach to learning the basics of computer animation including animation terms, definitions, and explanations as well as a variety of essential animation tips, tools, and techniques.

To watch a free preview of ‘Visual Guide to Animation,’ please visit:

To access ‘Visual Guide to Animation’ select Digital-Tutors annual membership plan at:

Thanks for your continued support!

The Digital-Tutors Team
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