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Copying animation from IK 3d chain skeleton to FK null skeleton?

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12-27-2012 06:03 PM
Hi, I'm taking multiple game character animation files that were exported to dotXSI 3.x and using store action>copy clip method to transfer animation from each separate sequence file to a null skeleton that has no animations to make 1 massive animation bank file so that it can be recompiled to add some of the bones that were removed from the game that exist in the source animation files. Everything was going smoothly at first since all the files seemed to be FK null chains but I came across some that were IK chains and converting the animation over did not work because the roots and effectors were keyed. At first I tried exporting to dotXSI 3 and selecting the option to plot animations and convert to FK using nulls but it kept the roots and effectors. I know deleting the effectors wont affect anything but trying to remove the root nulls from the hierarchy messes everything up.

Is there any way to copy that animation over properly? All of the bones of course have matching names.
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Re: Copying animation from IK 3d chain skeleton to FK null skeleton?

01-05-2013 06:40 AM in reply to: h.mullane
Hi minilogoguy,

If you remove the root from the chain you probably changed the local space of the first bone. You can probably create a shadow rig (a simple null hierarchy), for a part of the rig or for the full rig, constrain to the animation rig and export it instead.
After that be sure to hide or lock the non-animatable object in your rig :smileywink: