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When the history is cancelled from a Surface Fillet, the information about what Surface Fillet Control were used are lost.


It would be good some time if  those values were saved in the fillets surfaces names (maybe throught an abbreviation code) so that even without history is possible to match exactly the old fillet avoiding rebuilding it.


The values I am talking about are mainly:

-Construction Type

-Section Type

-Form Factor

-Chordal Lenght




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Sub Layers

Status: Under Review
by Contributor sergio_m on ‎03-28-2014 04:44 AM

I would like to be able to nest layers so that I can have a father "DOOR" layer and sublayers "armerst" "handle" "body" and so on...


so in this example I can hide the hole door in one click, but still being able to hide only partial elements of the door (sublayers armrest, handle...)


of course is now possible to do so with objects, but objects are bad to deal with if it is a model that I have to keep on editing.

Status: Under Review
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Rhinoceros like Rotation tool

Status: New Idea
by Contributor sergio_m on ‎03-28-2014 04:57 AM

would be nice to have a rotate tool that asks for a start point and an end point, so that I can rotate/snap precisely something to an angle which is not known.


not that is very useful modeling wise, but to understand/test/ and play around with engineering sections would be very useful sometime

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Blend Curves redesign

Status: New Idea
by Employee on ‎01-07-2013 06:42 AM

I'd like to gauge interest in a redesign of Blend Curves.  Although they are very useful, we have identified areas that they could be improved:


• Form Factor - blend curve cv structure and scaling could mirror form factor from the surface fillet tool, providing a consistent cv layout for curves and surfaces


• Interaction - reduce the number of tools in the toolbox, and provide more in-canvas user interface controls


If you agree that this is a project worth doing, please provide examples of other issues you would like to see addressed.

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How about Esc key to pick nothing.

Status: New Idea
by cobaltred on ‎03-08-2013 02:27 PM

How about using the Esc key instead of having to pick nothing. Like most other programs on planet earth.

Also an ocject snap shelf would be nice.



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Alias used to have the modeling source displayed in conversation window (square, rail....)

but it's gone in new version.


Just wondering we can have it back, and even make it changeable?

Other CAD can do so, and it's convenient, also it helps not delete the following contruction history is the biggest benefit


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I would like to be able to define one CV as "slide center" for the CV Move - Slide - Tool.

All the chosen CVs should slide towards this point.

see picture:



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I would like to see a comprehensive video tutorial of a complex sports type car Class A work session from

absolute start

1.(setup of tolerances reference pics and preferences and  file structure) to finish of the exterior only.

2.(from setup then a comprehensive video on curve generation.)

and finally

3.(Primary, secondary, and tertiary surfaces.) Much like the vacuum videos which are nice, only

more comprehensive on each task.

The majority of videos out there are very specific to one or two commands and usually with only two surfaces,

I want to see all the commands working in context with something real,what better way to show the complete work flow of your software. The individual videos of specific topics are just fine but would be great to see them all

working together and hopefully from someone who has worked in the industries and not just a want to be car surfacer.


Thanks, I think there are a lot of people that would like to see that tutorial.


Thanks, Buddy

Status: Accepted
Good idea, Buddy. We're working on some new Alias tutorials at the moment that should address this. I hope you'll find them to be quite useful.
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create sub-layers

Status: Under Review
by Distinguished Contributor digiformer on ‎10-25-2013 02:38 AM

Let us have sub-layers. Categories are not quite it.

Status: Under Review
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In Alias there are several basic primitives such as spheres, cubes, cones etc.    There attributes are defined in a modal dialog box, and then a shape is created when the user clicks on the screen.  A transform manipulator is provided after creation to allow for scaling, rotation and position transformation.  


Other packages allow the user to click and drag to specify values such as length, width, height, and circumference, allowing the user to define these attributes as the shape is created rather than afterward.


Would it be useful to change the workflow for creating primitive shapes?

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Smarter Pick Masking

Status: New Idea
by Contributor maruska on ‎03-28-2013 01:59 PM

In a tool like Surface Filet, if a surface and a curve are under you cursor when you click, the Pick Chooser gives you the option to select the curve - even though selecting a curve is not a valid input for the Surface Filet tool.


Alias should know what is valid in the context of the tool and ignore those as selection options.

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I think it would be usefull to have the possibility to change parameters of multiple surfacefillets at once.

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Status: New Idea
by christj on ‎01-14-2013 03:27 PM

Hi all,

I use bookmarks a lot and would like to have a bit more functionality in them.


1) I'd like to be able to save out bookmarks and be able to reimport them into a new stage. 


2) I'd like to be able to link the enviroment settings to the bookmark (i.e. Background colour+Map, Environment and Floor Postion - basically link  the hardware shade options to the bookmark)








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Status: New Idea
by Valued Mentor on ‎12-09-2013 07:50 AM

What would really rock my day would be alias to have unified modelling, similar to icem surf.

For example one feature that would be awesome to have would be defining constraints,e.g.:

Say you have surfaces already aligned and G2 to one another. At this stage, we could induce g2 constrain boundaries to what is already aligned, and therefore tweak all surfaces  the way we want without breaking too much the previous alignment between surfaces. This is quite different than the align tool itself and the rig tools.

This tool, would speed up a lot reverse engineering work, traditional surfacing, as well as form and shape creativity.


Maybe with the new aquisition of VSR this can be implemented realistically. Let's hope.

This would be a super mega tool to have, and quite diferentiating :smileyhappy:


I am available for any further discussion and/or development.


Thank you.


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It sometimes happens that a fillet needs more lead on one side for aesthetic reasons.
It would be really cool if it was possible chose the chordal distance for both sides of the fillet individually and manually(like curve-segments)

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Filet Curves update

Status: New Idea
by Contributor maruska on ‎03-31-2013 10:13 PM

The current Filet Curves feels outdated with the "freeform"  and "knee ratio" options. It would be nice if the Filet Curves tool was consistant with the Surface Filtet tool with G1, G2, G3 options as well as chordal, tanget length, radius settings and the new form-factor method of shaping.

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snap functionality for shells

Status: New Idea
by Distinguished Contributor digiformer on ‎10-25-2013 05:03 AM

Id like to be able to snap geometry to shell center points, edges etc.

since shells still seem to "contain" the surface mathematics it should be possible to do so...

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Ipad viewer for Alias

Status: New Idea
by sfd-px20 on ‎01-25-2013 03:10 AM

I would love to have a Viewer, to bring my models closer to my Customer or to easily share and discuss My Models within my departement.


(Rhino and Inventor already supply a solution for their users)



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Global Round Tool

Status: New Idea
by Employee on ‎01-07-2013 07:14 AM

The 'Round' tool is used for quickly creating round transitions between surfaces.  The current implementation works by clicking on individual edges and providing a radius.  If many edges are to be 'rounded' it can be quite time consuming.


Would it be of value to provide a way to box select a collection of edges and perform a 'Global Round'?

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Sometimes I receive Data from other software that isn`t well organized. Then I must separate the parts manually to continue working.

Therefore it would be great to have a option that lets me select all tangential surfaces (like in Catia XV5).

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