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How to displace an image on a flat plane

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10-12-2011 12:45 PM

I have followed the tutorials on this site even downloaded the example wire files and still couldn't figure out how to get a flat plane to display a displacment image. It works ok on tora type surfaces, and curved bottles but not flat planes. The reason being I want to make some embossed patterns onto flat parts of a model and turn them inot poly mesh. 


This image is what I am trying to achive but cannot:displacement.jpg


this is from the crude tutorial on the autodesk site. When I set up a projection mapping displacement the images doesn't even show up, same with just a file dispacement map. It only starts to deform the surface when I pull some cv's. I want to replicate the image above on flat plane however there is no documentation I have found to explain how to do this. if anyone has an example .wire with diplacements like the ones above please share!!!

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Re: How to displace an image on a flat plane

10-28-2011 02:33 AM in reply to: elldawg99



please see the attached image and follow the instructions:


1. Create a new shader.

2. select the shader and double click on it

3. the shader window opens, click on the Map button next to Color

4. change the Texturable Values to Displacement

5. select the file and browse to your image you want to use (in my case I just used a ramp)

6. Adjust the image

7. Assign the shaded to your surface.

8. Do a test render to view the displacement.


Please let me know if you have further questions, if not please mark it as resolved, thanks


kind regards,



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