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Re: copying prefs

12-23-2011 03:45 AM in reply to: Ruediger-Ambs

I am on XP 64bit. Could that be a problem ?

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Re: copying prefs

12-23-2011 04:16 AM in reply to: sahilchopra



no this has nothing to to with XP 64bit.


I just tried it myself and for me it is working.


Hmm, just wondering, do you work with network preferences? In this case you have to go to your server where the settings are getting saved and change there the Automotive_aliasHotkeys.scm


If you just change your local settings has no effect, because they are getting overwritten by the prefs from the Server.


As said It works for me.



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Re: copying prefs

12-23-2011 06:12 AM in reply to: Ruediger-Ambs

Probably not. But I'll have to check.

But should'nt that be true for all the presefernces like Shelves and marking menus?  Which in my case are getting updates using Load user preferences options. Its just the hotkeys that are not updated from that .scm file.

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Re: copying prefs

01-04-2013 05:12 PM in reply to: donest

Hello all i've been copying prefernces since i was in school and have no problem doing it however the original preference set ive been copiing from is like from version 12 of alias (not 2012.. just 12) and i want to rebuild it from the ground up over again becuase it's making the newer versions af alias kinda buggy.


My only problem is that i can't figure out how to asign toggling cv's and edit points on and off to a hotkey, its no where to be found in the hotkey window (i've looked for about an hour on several occations if you know where it is let me know!!)


My current old buggy preference set has toggle the display of cv's and edit points of selected objects assigned to the F2 key, it was given to me in school long ago and i don't know how it was created.


Does anyone know how to assign this function to a hot key? In the defualt settings its just a toggle box on the control panel.

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