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Alias 2013 Diagnostic shading Iso Angle BUGS?

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10-09-2012 08:08 PM

Since upgrading to Alias Automotive 2013 (from 2012) the iso angle tool in Diagnostic shade seems very difficult to use and unstable.


ISO ANGLE.  When I switch from multiple to single stripe or adjust the amount of stripes the tool just doesn't want to work. I have to click on just about every tool in the diagnostic shade tool bar and then it finally works when it wants.


Also, when activating Iso Angle from the Palette you get a message in the prompt line that says "Pick all surfaces, then press Go" however no "Go" button appears anywhere. Instead Hide manipulator or Show manipulator buttons appear.


While I am at it, if you pick an object  (grouped part) and then select ISO ANGLE the part deselects and wont shade with the black, red and white stripes I expect. Instead, you have to pick surfaces (no option to pick the grouped object) to get the shading to happen.


Any fixes out there would be most welcome.

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Re: Alias 2013 Diagnostic shading Iso Angle BUGS?

11-15-2012 05:14 AM in reply to: ronald.heffernan

I have been running the alias automotive 2013 on the mac and am literally about to pull my hair out. Numerous problems to the point I have to close the app to get rid of the odd behaviour. i'm going back to 2012 on windows and hope things are a bit more stable. 


whoever is alias' project manager needs to be fired immediately. shameful quality.

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