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simple lisp not working??????????

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07-27-2012 08:09 AM

ok...wrote this and added it to my lisp. my other commands work but not these.



(defun c:lm () (command "line" "mid"))
(defun c:lmm () (command "line" "mid" pause "mid"))
(defun c:le () (command "line" "end"))
(defun c:lee () (command "line" "end" pause "end"))
(defun c:lc () (command "line" "cen"))
(defun c:lcc () (command "line" "cen" pause "cen"))
(defun c:li () (command "line" "int"))
(defun c:lii () (command "line" "int" pause "int"))
(defun c:lq () (command "line" "qua"))
(defun c:lqq () (command "line" "qua" pause "qua"))
(defun c:ln () (command "line" "nea"))
(defun c:lnn () (command "line" "nea" pause "nea"))
(defun c:lme () (command "line" "mid" pause "end"))
(defun c:lmc () (command "line" "mid" pause "cen"))
(defun c:lmi () (command "line" "mid" pause "int"))
(defun c:lmq () (command "line" "mid" pause "qua"))
(defun c:lmn () (command "line" "mid" pause "nea"))
(defun c:lec () (command "line" "end" pause "cen"))
(defun c:lei () (command "line" "end" pause "int"))
(defun c:leq () (command "line" "end" pause "qua"))
(defun c:len () (command "line" "end" pause "nea"))
(defun c:lem () (command "line" "end" pause "mid"))
(defun c:lim () (command "line" "int" pause "mid"))
(defun c:lie () (command "line" "int" pause "end"))
(defun c:lic () (command "line" "int" pause "cen"))
(defun c:liq () (command "line" "int" pause "qua"))
(defun c:lin () (command "line" "int" pause "nea"))
(defun c:lcm () (command "line" "cen" pause "mid"))
(defun c:lce () (command "line" "cen" pause "end"))
(defun c:lci () (command "line" "cen" pause "int"))
(defun c:lcq () (command "line" "cen" pause "qua"))
(defun c:lcn () (command "line" "cen" pause "nea"))
(defun c:lqm () (command "line" "qua" pause "mid"))
(defun c:lqe () (command "line" "qua" pause "end"))
(defun c:lqc () (command "line" "qua" pause "cen"))
(defun c:lqi () (command "line" "qua" pause "int"))
(defun c:lqn () (command "line" "qua" pause "nea"))
(defun c:lnm () (command "line" "nea" pause "mid"))
(defun c:lne () (command "line" "nea" pause "end"))
(defun c:lnc () (command "line" "nea" pause "cen"))
(defun c:lni () (command "line" "nea" pause "int"))
(defun c:lnq () (command "line" "nea" pause "qua"))




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Re: simple lisp not working??????????

07-27-2012 08:43 AM in reply to: komet99

komet99 wrote:

ok...wrote this and added it to my lisp. my other commands work but not these.


What does "not working" mean?  When you type in one of the command names, does it do something different from what you expect, or does it not recognize it as a command name, or something else?


I copied one of your lines, put it into a file, loaded it, and it worked.  It's probably something in the loading of "my lisp," whatever that is and whatever is supposed to be loading it.  Since there are a number of ways to accomplish that, more detail would be essential.

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Re: simple lisp not working?

07-27-2012 02:43 PM in reply to: komet99

This is what I have:

(defun c:LE    () (command "Line" "endp" pause)(princ))
(defun c:LI    () (command "Line" "int" pause)(princ))


A pause / second pause perhaps?



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Re: simple lisp not working??????????

07-27-2012 09:18 PM in reply to: komet99
If by "not working" you mean that you do not see the osnap marker etc.
and you have the system variable Osnapcoord set to 1, you could
try the effect of setting this to 2

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