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ObjectDBX Detach XRefs AND delete all Annotation

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02-22-2013 01:48 PM

What would the ObjectDBX equivelent of DeleteAllAnnotations function look like?


(functions below this deletes the xrefs... opening the files afterward automatically purges the xrefs from the dwg. This essentially is the same as XRefDetach.)


(defun DeleteAllAnnotations (/ AllAnnotation)
 (setq AllAnnotation
    (ssget "X"
       '((-4 . "<OR")
         (0 . "AECB_LABEL_CURVE")
         (0 . "MULTILEADER")
         (0 . "MTEXT")
         (0 . "AEC_POLYGON")
         (0 . "POLYLINE")
         (0 . "LEADER")
         (0 . "AEC_SCHEDULE_TABLE")
         (0 . "DIMENSION")
         (0 . "LWPOLYLINE")
         (0 . "CIRCLE")
         (0 . "LINE")
         (0 . "ELLIPSE")
        (-4 . "OR>")
 (command "erase" AllAnnotation "" "")




Detach Xrefs below...


(defun c:RemoveXRefsFrom ()
 (setq pat (getfiled "Select filename to get path" "P:\\" "" 4))
  (setq pat (vl-filename-directory pat))
  (setq fils (vl-directory-files pat "*.dwg"))
  (foreach fil fils
  (setq PathDwgName (strcat pat "\\" fil))
  (RemoveXRefs PathDwgName)
;;; (RemoveXRefs "X:/!TWC_Cad/2013/Transfer/TestObjDBX/HostDwgToPrepare.dwg")
(defun RemoveXRefs (file / acapp odbx opendoc blkinfo blkname blkobj dbxdoc group)
 (if (setq file (findfile file))
   (setq acapp (vlax-get-acad-object))
   (setq odbx (vla-getinterfaceobject
          (strcat "ObjectDBX.AxDbDocument."
              (itoa (atoi (getvar "acadver")))
   (setq opendoc (not (vl-catch-all-error-p
              (vl-catch-all-apply 'vla-open (list odbx file))
   (if opendoc
     (setq dbxdoc odbx)
     (setq LastSavedBy (vla-get-lastsavedby (vla-get-SummaryInfo (vla-get-Database dbxdoc))))
     (vlax-for lt (vla-get-layouts dbxdoc)
      (vlax-for blkobj (vla-get-block lt)
       (if (and (eq (vla-get-objectname blkobj) "AcDbBlockReference")
             (vlax-property-available-p blkobj 'Path)
        (vlax-invoke-method blkobj 'Delete)
     (dbxsave odbx)
   (if odbx
    (vl-catch-all-apply 'vlax-release-object (list odbx))
(defun dbxsave (dbxdoc)
 (vla-saveAs dbxdoc (vla-get-name dbxdoc))

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