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Insert blocks at XYZ coordinates and x-, y- and z-scales from ASCII

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09-14-2013 06:42 PM

I found this LISP code that can insert a block at coordinates from an ASCII.


(defun c:universal( / file f a osmode);PointsToBlocks
(while (not file)
(setq file (getfiled "Input file" "coords" "txt" 4))
(setq f (open file "r")
osmode (getvar "OSMODE")
(setvar "OSMODE" 0)
(while (setq a (read-line f))
(command "._insert" "block1" a 1 1 0)
(setvar "OSMODE" osmode)

What I want to be able to do is insert blocks from an ASCII and also set the x-, y-, and z-scales.


For example, I have these lines in ASCII, the data points refer to X position, Y position, Z position, X scale, Y scale, and Z scale.




Thank you in advance for your help, I am a beginner.

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Re: Insert blocks at XYZ coordinates and x-, y- and z-scales from ASCII

09-15-2013 02:31 AM in reply to: nelsnelson

Here is a relatively simple example:


;; Insert Block  -  Lee Mac
;; Inserts a selected block at all points in a given comma-delimited text file
;; with format x,y,z,sx,sy,sz

(defun c:insblk ( / *error* blk des itm lst spc txt )

    (defun *error* ( msg )
        (if (= 'file (type des))
            (close des)
        (LM:endundo (LM:acdoc))
        (if (not (wcmatch (strcase msg t) "*break,*cancel*,*exit*"))
            (princ (strcat "\nError: " msg))
        (   (null (setq txt (getfiled "" "" "txt" 16))))
        (   (null (setq blk (getfiled "Select Block to Insert" "" "dwg" 16))))
        (   (null (setq des (open txt "r")))
            (princ "\nUnable to open the selected file for reading.")
        (   (progn
                (while (setq itm (read-line des))
                            (apply 'and (setq itm (mapcar 'distof (LM:str->lst itm ","))))
                            (= 6 (length itm))
                        (setq lst
                                    (list (mapcar '(lambda ( a b ) a) itm '(x y z)))
                                    (cons blk (cdddr itm))
                (setq des (close des))
                (null lst)
            (princ "\nNo valid data found in selected file.")
        (   (setq spc (vlax-get (LM:acdoc) (if (= 1 (getvar 'cvport)) 'paperspace 'modelspace)))
            (LM:startundo (LM:acdoc))
            (foreach itm lst (apply 'vlax-invoke (vl-list* spc 'insertblock itm)))
            (LM:endundo (LM:acdoc))

;; String to List  -  Lee Mac
;; Separates a string using a given delimiter
;; str - [str] string to process
;; del - [str] delimiter by which to separate the string

(defun LM:str->lst ( str del / pos )
    (if (setq pos (vl-string-search del str))
        (cons (substr str 1 pos) (LM:str->lst (substr str (+ pos 1 (strlen del))) del))
        (list str)

;; Start Undo  -  Lee Mac
;; Opens an Undo Group.

(defun LM:startundo ( doc )
    (LM:endundo doc)
    (vla-startundomark doc)

;; End Undo  -  Lee Mac
;; Closes an Undo Group.

(defun LM:endundo ( doc )
    (while (= 8 (logand 8 (getvar 'undoctl)))
        (vla-endundomark doc)

;; Active Document  -  Lee Mac
;; Returns the VLA Active Document Object

(defun LM:acdoc nil
    (eval (list 'defun 'LM:acdoc 'nil (vla-get-activedocument (vlax-get-acad-object))))



The above could be optimised for better performance if the block is non-attributed.

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