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Import Views from 1700 Drawings

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11-04-2009 12:12 PM
I want to import the views from over 1700 drawings into one drawing. I have seen VIEWIMP.LSP by Tony Tanzillo and it is great for selecting one drawing at a time, but I want to process all drawings in a directory. It could be either using a list of drawing names or by selecting the directory or by selecting the multiple files (like for xref attach). Any ideas are greaty appreciated.
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Re: Import Views from 1700 Drawings

11-04-2009 02:27 PM in reply to: soverstreet
I found a way to do what I need. I noticed the Thread: get bounds of a block (thanks devitg) and used the code there as a starting point.

The views needed are for the extents of the 1700 drawings. So I xref's the drawings on layer "0" and ran the following code. Some of the file names have extra text after a "_" so the testmode part is to strip that off and use only the front part of the drawing name for the view name.

My code is a quick beginning, so if anyone want to suggest improvements here's what I have:

(defun MYVIEWMAKE ()
(setq D-L NIL)
(setq U-R NIL)
(setq ONE (vlax-ename->vla-object (ssname SS INDEX)))
(setq MYOBJECT (vla-get-objectname ONE))
(if (= (vla-get-objectname ONE) "AcDbBlockReference")
(if (vlax-method-applicable-p ONE 'GETBOUNDINGBOX)
(progn (vla-getboundingbox ONE 'min 'max)
(setq D-L (vlax-safearray->list min)) ;_ the down left point
(setq LLXX (car D-L))
(setq LLYY (cadr D-L))
(setq LLXX_TXT (rtos (car D-L)))
(setq LLYY_TXT (rtos (cadr D-L)))

(setq LL_COORDS (strcat "x=" LLXX_TXT " " "y=" LLYY_TXT))
(setq LL_PT (strcat LLXX_TXT "," LLYY_TXT))

(setq U-R (vlax-safearray->list max)) ;_ the Up Rigth point
(setq URXX (car U-R))
(setq URYY (cadr U-R))
(setq URXX_TXT (rtos (car U-R)))
(setq URYY_TXT (rtos (cadr U-R)))

(setq UR_COORDS (strcat "x=" URXX_TXT " " "y=" URYY_TXT))
(setq UR_PT (strcat URXX_TXT "," URYY_TXT))
(command "-view" "w" VIEWNAME LL_PT UR_PT)
) ;_ progn
) ;_ if
) ;_ progn
) ;_ IF block
) ;_ end of defun

(setq SS (ssget "X" (list (cons 0 "insert") (cons 8 "0"))))
(setq N (sslength SS))
(setq INDEX -1)
(if (/= SS NIL)
(repeat N
(setq INDEX (+ 1 INDEX))
(setq BLK_ID (ssname SS INDEX))
(setq BLK (entget BLK_ID))
(setq XREF_NAME (cdr (assoc 2 BLK)))
(princ (strcat "\n XRef Name is: " XREF_NAME))
(setq LNGTH (strlen XREF_NAME))
(setq VIEWNAME "")
(setq CHECK_LETTER "")
(setq INC 0)
(setq TESTMODE "GO")
(setq INC (+ 1 INC))
(setq TRIM_NAME (substr XREF_NAME INC))
(setq FIRST_LETTER (substr TRIM_NAME 1 1))
(if (= FIRST_LETTER "_")
) ;_ end of progn
) ;_ end of if
(if (= LNGTH INC)
) ;_ end of if
) ;_ end of progn
) ;_ end of while
(princ (strcat "\n View Name is: " VIEWNAME))
) ;_ end of repeat
) ;_ end of if
) ;_ end of defun Edited by: on Nov 4, 2009 5:30 PM

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