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08-03-2009 06:25 PM
Hi All,

I have some code that creates MLeaders, and it works great. My problem is opening the drawing after I have added the MLeaders, it throws a message box saying the drawing found errors. I continue the open and do an Audit, and my previously added MLeaderStyle gets deleted

AcDbDictionary(1F81) 500m ePermanentlyErased Delete Entry

I am unsure why it is doing this as when I run the code, it stores it in the dictionary.

Am I missing a step out somewhere?

Sub KBR_MLeaders()

StrMLeaderStyle = "500m"

Dim BlnMLSExists As Boolean
BlnMLSExists = False
Dim oDict As AcadDictionary
Set oDict = ThisDrawing.Dictionaries.Item("ACAD_MLEADERSTYLE")

Dim i As Long
For i = 0 To oDict.Count - 1
Dim oObj As AcadObject
Set oObj = oDict.Item(i)
If oObj.ObjectName = "AcDbMLeaderStyle" Then
Dim oMLS As AcadMLeaderStyle
Set oMLS = oObj
If oMLS.Name = StrMLeaderStyle Then
BlnMLSExists = True
End If

End If
Next i

If BlnMLSExists = False Then
Dim oNewMLS As AcadMLeaderStyle
Set oNewMLS = oDict.AddObject(StrMLeaderStyle, "AcDbMLeaderStyle")

oNewMLS.LeaderLineType = acStraightLeader
oNewMLS.ArrowSize = 2.5
oNewMLS.ContentType = acMTextContent
oNewMLS.EnableLanding = True
oNewMLS.LeaderLineTypeId = "Continuous"
oNewMLS.LandingGap = 1.5
oNewMLS.DoglegLength = 5
oNewMLS.LeaderLineColor = acRed
oNewMLS.MaxLeaderSegmentsPoints = 2
oNewMLS.ScaleFactor = 500
oNewMLS.TextHeight = 3.5
oNewMLS.TextColor = acYellow
oNewMLS.TextLeftAttachmentType = acAttachmentMiddleOfTop
oNewMLS.TextRightAttachmentType = acAttachmentMiddleOfTop
oNewMLS.TextAlignmentType = acLeftAlignment
oNewMLS.TextStyle = ISOCP
End If

Call ThisDrawing.SetVariable("CMLEADERSTYLE", StrMLeaderStyle)

ThisDrawing.SendCommand "Mleader" & vbCr

End Sub

Thanks in advance

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Re: MLeaders

08-04-2009 01:53 PM in reply to: BrentBurgess1980

I'm shooting in the dark on this one, but maybe you need to perform an update to the dictionary, style and possibly the drawing?

Sorry if that's no help...

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