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With the new updated Thin(web) client using the magnifying glass I can easily see both the thumbnail preview and the DWF Visualization file. However this window is fixed in size and too small making it difficult to properly view the DWF file. I know I can right-click and "Open with DWF Application" but I shouldn't have to.


This window should be changed to that... .

  • I can resize the Window (and it remembers my size)
  • have this window open much larger
  • provide a maximize button that makes the window full screen


Status: Implemented
In the 2015 release, this will now open in a new tab full browser size.
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Our IS department rolled out Microsoft Office 2013 this past week without saying a word to anyone.  I understand that Vault Professional 2013 (our current version) and 2014 (the latest) does not support Office 2013.  With more and more people using Vault, there needs to be Word and Excel integration updates and patches so that Vault customers can use the software to its full potential.




John Weiss

CAD Administrator

Follett Corporation

Status: Implemented
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As a company we want to have "Auto-Select First Duplicate" item checked as a default. Please make this a global Vault Item setting vs a client side setting. We have new users all the time and this setting seems to get overlooked a lot which in turn generates a bunch of random item numbers. It would be best to control it globally.




Status: Implemented
Implemented in Vault Professional 2015
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Improvements to Job Processor/Job Server

Status: Implemented
by Board Manager ihayesjr on ‎06-15-2012 07:53 AM

Please redesign the Job Processor so it doesn't open and close Inventor/AutoCAD for each and every job it performs, its highly inefficient and slow as a sloth. It should only open and close Inventor if it needs to change the project file. But I assume it just uses the Vault project file set in Vault Options.

Status: Implemented
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Edit Item from ECO

Status: Implemented
by *Expert Elite* on ‎08-22-2013 06:45 AM

Would love the ability to directly Edit an Item from the ECO menu.  Right now you can "Go To Item", or "Open " the Item.  Open only lets you view, but not edit, the item.  Go to Item takes you out to Item Master, where you can Edit,... but it takes a while to search the entire database for that one item.  It would be nice if you could select the Item on the ECO Records tab and have a context menu choice "Edit Item", which would take you right the the editing screen.  You could even limit it to edit only if the Item is in WIP.


Make sense?

Status: Implemented
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Job Queue: Enable "F5" for refresh

Status: Implemented
by Active Contributor cadsupport on ‎08-05-2013 07:08 AM

In contrast to the rest of the Vault Explorer it is not possible to hit the "F5" key to refresh the Job Processor queue. That would be handy (and quite easy to accomplish I guess).


Best regards

Status: Implemented
Your request has been implemented in the 2015 release.
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Opening a File With Vault Explorer

Status: Implemented
by Board Manager ihayesjr on ‎06-14-2012 12:57 PM

Can you add the possibility to choose how Vault Explorer will open file, when double-click? Because actually, when double-click an assembly file (IAM) in Vault Explorer (Workgroup or +), it will always open this files with option release-biased. But many people want to double-click on this assembly an open the none-release-biased assembly. Actually, the only method is to use the Open-from-Vault command in Inventor Vault-addin. Thanks in advance.

Status: Implemented
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Web Client View

Status: Implemented
by Mentor on ‎03-27-2013 12:22 PM

When I click on a file in the File list it should open the dwf on that click, needing another clikc to open the file is cumbersome.  All of the history, uses etc, could be shown on a browser frame to the side or at the bottom. This should at least be an option.

Status: Implemented
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Better method of locking Change Orders

Status: Implemented
by Mentor on ‎06-06-2013 12:34 PM

Been using Change Orders since they were available. One issue we  continue to run into is when you have mutliple users working on the same change, they often leave the CO open the entire day. It's the repository for collecting data about  project. There is a 30 minute lease on CO's and if they don't save they will lose this lease without warning. Another user jumps in now has control of the CO. Often resulting in loss of data for the first user.


Please review the following discussion and please fix.


Vault has the technology of checking in / out. Let's maybe incorporate this same mechanism or the like into CO's...

Or eliminate the time out mechanism and give the administrator the abilty to unlock a CO.

Status: Implemented
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How does a user link in a Revit project file from Vault using Shared Coordinates for positioning?


According to the WikiHelp;

“Note The positioning for the linked Revit file is set to Auto-Center.”



All BIM and properly coordinated projects require that files are linked using Shared Coordinates in order to retain correct relationships between project files. Not being able to do so will result in potentially incorrectly coordinated files.






Try to mimic the 'Link Revit' button in Revit and provide a 'Positioning' option for the user.

Status: Implemented

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