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Vault and unresolved parts

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01-14-2013 12:18 PM

We are using IV 2012 and 2012 Vault, single project file, 6 users

We are having problems when opening assemblies from Inventor and they are unresolved. They are easy to fix right click and resolve file and that does the trick. Next time you open the file it is once again unresolved. It has become annoying. It also seems when the uresolved assembly is opened the constraints for the uresolved parts are broken and are not repaired when you resolve the file from within inventor.


One strange thing I noticed is if you open the file from the Vault Explorer the file opens with with no resolve errors. And save the resolved file back to the vault and reopen in inventor it has no unresolved parts.


This looks like something is going on locally in our working directory. We have the "close files delete working copies " checked.


Maybe its our workflow

Is there a solution to this problem we are having







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Re: Vault and unresolved parts

01-14-2013 02:48 PM in reply to: Boleivia

I'm no Vault authority but this does sound strange. Personally never used the "close files delete local copies" option. Seems counter productive having to GET the files all the time? Try turning this off and see if the result changes.


As an alternative leave the above setting as it is. Open an assembly that you know you have trouble with. Note the name and locations of the un-resolved items. Are these files in the project path?. Close the assy. In Vault highlight the assy and look at the USES tab. Can you see the noted files in the list? If not I'm guessing that the check-in after the resolve has been completed has not included these. Buggered if I know why! If you check-in from Inventor try looking at the Vault OPtions/Check In Dialog and make sure Include Children is ticked. Can't think of much else.


Good luck and post the answer if you find it.

Brendan Henderson

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Re: Vault and unresolved parts

01-15-2013 10:47 AM in reply to: BLHDrafting

Did some fish'n like you suggested and found the uresolved part. I looked in the VE and the unresolved part had no where used data.

Went to the model where the unresolved part is used and replaced component, saved an checked in.

The vault now shows the uresolved part's where used data

The assembly opens just fine.


How the where used data got lost, I'll probably never know.


Thanks for your suggestions and help


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Re: Vault and unresolved parts

01-15-2013 06:49 PM in reply to: Boleivia

Make sure when your users check in that they only do it from within Inventor anfor directly in the Vault explorer. Inventor passes the model links to vault upon check in from the cad app. If the check in happens directly in Vault the link info may not be passed too the DB. So when you open from Vault not all the files are pulled local And you get an unresolved file. You can disable check in of cad files in one of the Vault admin options.


not sure if that'tithe issues for you.

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