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Database Merge speeds

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04-25-2012 01:13 PM



We are in the process of configuring our second Vault server.  It is connected to our main server, and once configured, we will ship it to our second office.  Right now we're waiting for the Knowledge Maser  database to finish transferring to the new server (via SQL).  The DB is pretty big at 15GB, but it's been replicating for about 5 days now and still isn't finished.  There are no errors yet - it's just chugging along.  Right now the servers are connected on our local gigabit LAN - that's not the bottleneck.  Should it be taking this long?


I can see in SQL that it's transferring at ~32 rows/sec.  I can't tell if this is fast or slow, and I can't figure out how many rows there are in the whole database.


Our filestore is 350GB in total, and at the current rate it's totally impractical to move even a fraction of it to the new server.  (Right now only a few empty folders are being shared to the new server.  The main designs folder isn't being replicated)


Can anyone lead us in the right direction to get things moving along faster?  It's very tempting to take Vault offline this weekend, backup the Knowledge maser DB, then restore it to the new machine, but my gut feel is that this would probably end in tears.




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Re: Database Merge speeds

04-26-2012 11:46 AM in reply to: jddrinkwater

That does seem slow.  I am not taken times on replication of the KnowledgeVaultMaster to know what a good speed would be.  But 5 days over a gigabit connection is not good. Your backup restore idea will work great for the filestore.  However, it will not work with the KVM since you will end up re-pushing most of that data again.  I wish I could give you suggestions on how to speed up the KVM transfer but I am not good with SQL.



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Re: Database Merge speeds

04-26-2012 11:57 AM in reply to: JamesMcMullen

Alright, thanks anyhow.  


We've discovered a few mistakes in our installation process, so we've started with a clean slate today.  Replication/merge speeds do still seem quite slow, but we'll see what happens.




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