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Add files to Vault with "red" dependent files

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09-21-2009 09:31 PM

Why can't I add files to the vault without first saving dependent files? In previous versions of Vault (prior to 2009) you could "add files", but that functionality is now removed.

Let's say you want to start a new assembly in a new project & start by adding files/assemblies from previously vaulted projects & then build your new design around those placed items. When you come add that new assembly/project, unless all the files are completely upto date you won't be able to add the newly created file. Ok, so you need to be aware that those files aren't upto date, but it should be your decision to update them or not. The software shouldn't demand an update, whether you want it or not?! Is there anyway to add the files without first saving all the dependents? Is this scenario changed in Vault 2010?


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Re: Add files to Vault with "red" dependent files

09-22-2009 02:00 AM in reply to: graham.cobb
For the require save/update issue, could you check whether you have turned the 'prompt to save for re-computable updates' and ' Prompt to save for migration' option on(Inventor -> Tools->Application Options->Save). If you turned these options on, could you give a try to uncheck these options, then open the assemble again.
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Re: Add files to Vault with "red" dependent files

09-22-2009 04:30 PM in reply to: graham.cobb
Hi Polo,

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately turning off the prompts didn't make any difference.

I think the problem in this instance is that a dependent assembly, within the assembly I'm trying to add to the vault, is an Excel Spreadsheet driven assembly. We've had trouble with "3rd party" items before. The way we see it is that once you've designed an item that's spreadsheet driven & checked that file into the vault, as soon as anyone accesses those file, even just getting & opening the file it'll show as any item with a 3rd party file as "red" with in the browser in Inventor. This seems to be the case for all "3rd party" items be they Jpegs, XLS files, PDFs etc. As you can see from the atteched file, the only files that are dirty are those with the "3rd Party" attachment. (This is the case with or without the prompts)

However I still can't see why it's not possible to add the file irrespective of the status of dependent parts/assys? Fair enough it should be a warning, but not a decision made for you. Clearly I can see these files "allegedly" need updating, whether or not I choose to update them should be my decision?

If you have any other suggestions I'm more than happy to try them

Cheers, Graham
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Re: Add files to Vault with "red" dependent files

09-23-2009 02:45 AM in reply to: graham.cobb
Hi Graham,

Could you open the local XLS file by Excel application. And don't modify any and close it. Do you see the Save prompt of excel application? If yes, that is an issue of office excel application.

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Re: Add files to Vault with "red" dependent files

10-11-2009 11:01 PM in reply to: graham.cobb
Hi Ryan,

No, no save prompt. Since it's all 3rd Party files, Spreadsheets, Bitmaps etc I'm beginning to think it's a user permissions problem that's causing the issue, but I have no idea where to start looking for this issue?

Cheers, Graham

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