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drawing hiarchy advice

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03-08-2012 01:42 PM

Ok i am looking for a good way to save parts and assemblly drawings.

First, I come from a background where every part has a number and seperate drawing. If one component in the assembly changes, it creates a new assembly number and a vew drawing. Different options are each numbered and BOMs are generated for each finished product. Fast forward to my current position.

We generate several different base model trailers. If a different size of tire is desired by the customer we may need to use a different length of spindle on the axle. We may use several different lengths or offsets of axle in the same base model.. My responce is fine, I will just make different numbers and drawings for each different option. no big deal. The boss came to me and would llike the base model drawing to show the different options (preferably black lines for base and other colors for options). He was here a couple of weekends ago and did not like drawings that said "see drawing XXXXX for subassembly details". He would like to pull the top level drawing and have all associated drawings, and optional drawings, come up as well.

My question is: is there a way to append these sub assembly drawings to the top level drawings? He would like all multi-use subassemblies to pull with each top level that it could go with. I suspose there is some iLogic or programing that I could do for this but *I am allready here 55 -60 hours and don't really have time to learn programing at this point. Are there other ideas that I could try?

We are using vault 2012 and Inventor 2012 with one last autoCAD hold out as well.


Thank you for listening to my rant.




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Re: drawing hiarchy advice

04-06-2012 09:20 AM in reply to: JimSteinmeyer

Hi Jim,

Yeah, I know where you come from!!!  :smileylol:

In trying to follow what you are trying to outline my experience has been I have done it both ways.

Seperate drawings for each configuration and one drawing for all configurations.


Pros to the seperate things is that you can clearly define each individual config wothout the clutter of the rest.

Cons are that there are extra and sometimes excessive files as well as documents.


Pros to the consolidated is you have less files and documents

Cons are that the electronic files can be dog slow.


Iin answer to your question you can call up the on drawing RC on the "Sheet 1"  in the property manager

and select copy.  Go to the receiving drawing RC in the open field of the drawing ans select "Paste".

I just did this to prove that it would work and it did.

Hope this helps you buddy!!!

Best Regards,
Scott McFadden
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