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Re: Help me understand this icon, and its possible causes? (half white/half blac

12-13-2012 08:14 AM in reply to: BSchubring

Users are double clicking on items in Vault explorer to perform their Get/Checkout. Let me describe a scenario that might clarify better.


1) There is a drawing "A" in Vault. It has two XREFs "B" and "C". All drawings are in the WIP state after having been in the initial state 'Received', which was a released state at one time.

2) All three drawings have multiple edited versions in WIP after their initial 'released' state. Their Revision levels are all at their initial  level "1", and have never bumped.

3) A User decides to open drawing "A", and had never opened any of the three drawings in the past (no local copy), he double clicks "A" in Vault Explorer, and Checks-Out the drawing (same results from a Get as well)

4) Vault downloads the latest version of "A", but the latest Released version of Revision 1 for "B" and "C" (which is the initial upload into Vault because of the beforementioned purge fix attempt)


Spelling this process out to myself, I wonder if just keeping the drawing in WIP, but bumping the Rev level of affected drawings might fix this.

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Re: Help me understand this icon, and its possible causes? (half white/half blac

12-13-2012 09:00 AM in reply to: BSchubring

Okay.  Now it makes sense.  Thanks. 


By double-clicking on a file to open it from Vault Explorer, you don't have a chance to specify the options you want (with regard to gathering other files).  On double-click, it automatically gets the latest file you've double-clicked on and gathers the latest *released* files.


Since you don't want this default behavior, you need to change your workflow:

1. RMB on the file you want to open and do Get/Check Out.

2. Set the settings you want (Latest/Non-release biased) and the gathering options you want (include children, parents, etc).  Hit OK.

3. Now Right-click on the file and choose "Go to Working Folder". 

4. Double click the file there.


Or, another option would be to simply do the "open from Vault" from within AutoCAD and (I assume) you get choose the the appropriate released biased settings there as well.  I'm guessing that this is probably the preferred and more typical workflow users would use.

- Matt

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