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Get Securityheader from Vault Login in AutoCAD

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02-08-2013 12:09 AM

I wonder if it is possible to get the securityheader from a Vault login in AutoCAD in the same way as in Inventor. In Inventor I add a reference to Connectivity.InventorAddin.EdmAddin.dll but I can' find a similiar reference for AutoCAD.  I have an AutoCAD add-in (written in .NET) that needs to fecth information from Autodesk Vault.

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Re: Get Securityheader from Vault Login in AutoCAD

02-11-2013 02:23 PM in reply to: ellmag

I believe there is another back-door for getting this information inside AutoCAD.  Like with the Inventor add-in, there is no official support for this technique.


If you use the following code from your add-in, you should be able to get the userId and ticket of the current Vault session.


if (VaultExplorerAppBase.Instance == null)


    throw new ApplicationException("Unable to get Vault connection");


VaultConnectionManager connectionMgr = VaultExplorerAppBase.Instance.VaultManager;


if (connectionMgr.Connection.IsSignedIn() == false)


    throw new ApplicationException("Vault connection doesn't exist.");


IWebServiceCredentials credentials = new UserIdTicketCredentials(connectionMgr.Connection.SecurityContext.RemoteHost,






It has dependency on following dlls (which are located in AutoCAD installation directory).  None of these DLLs are part of the supported Vault API.






Doug Redmond
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Re: Get Securityheader from Vault Login in AutoCAD

07-07-2013 05:29 PM in reply to: ellmag

Hi Doug,


        I need to add a job to Job Processor from AutoCAD (Eg: Publish a drawing file). I have configured jobs and it was working fine with Inventor. Is it possible to do the same with AutoCAD. 


       I have gone through your post " Got no idea in acheiving my functionality.


       Can you provide some samples or reference documents to get vault instance from AutoCAD.



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Re: Get Securityheader from Vault Login in AutoCAD

09-11-2013 02:40 AM in reply to: Redmond.D

I would like to use the code from above but I get the folowing error message:

Error 1 'Connectivity.Common.Vault.VaultConnectionManager' does not contain a definition for 'connection' and no extension method 'connection' accepting a first argument of type ....


How can I solve this issue, or is there an other way to check/use the current connection from the user in AutoCAD?

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Re: Get Securityheader from Vault Login in AutoCAD

09-11-2013 03:04 PM in reply to: RPeter



For 2014 a different call needs to be made. I asked a colleague about this. Here is an excerpt of their reply:


>> >>

To get the connection the add-in is using, they can access the Connectivity.Application.VaultBase.ConnectionManager.Instance.Connection property. This will return the active connection that the Vault add-in is using at that time. If the add-in does not have a valid connection when this property is read, then I believe it will return null.

 << << 


I tested this out and made a blog post about it. (with an VB.NET AutoCAD project for download)




Wayne Brill
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Re: Get Securityheader from Vault Login in AutoCAD

09-11-2013 10:10 PM in reply to: wayne.brill

Hi Wayne,


Verry nice blog item.

I've edited the code to have a function that will return the connection or nothing instead.

Imports ADCFWV = Autodesk.DataManagement.Client.Framework.Vault
Module mod_LogIn
    Public Function GetMyVaultConnection() As ADCFWV.Currency.Connections.Connection
        Dim MyConnection = Connectivity.Application.VaultBase.ConnectionManager.Instance.Connection
        If Not MyConnection Is Nothing And MyConnection.IsConnected Then
            Return MyConnection
            Return Nothing
        End If
    End Function
End Module




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