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Warp results comparison according to Dual domain mesh and 3D mesh

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02-09-2014 02:30 AM

Good day,



We will produce a part with PMMA material. The part which is used as a lens ın automotive industry;  at the end of manufacturing process, will be welded with a housing. When I make warpage analysis on moldflow, I see warpage about 3.2mm( for dual domain mesh) - 4.5mm( 3D mesh) on analysis.


I have some questions about warpage analysis


a) I have done one 3d meshing and one dual domin mesh for the same part. I ran Fill+pack+warp for the same part. And results is different warpage is high in 3D model and fill time also double in 3D model. Which one is correct ? How do I choose the mesh type? What should I get base on?


b) Which factors, is warpage affected of? What should I do to decrease the effects?


Process conditions;

Filling pressure      = 70 Mpa - 9 seconds.

Fill time                    = 1.2 seconds.

Mold temp.              =  80C

Melt temp.                = 240C  


The part dimensions                    : Lenght 340 mm and nominal thickness 2mm

Gate type                                     : Valve gate(Hot runner system)

Gate diameter                              : 2.5mm

Flow path ratio(For material)       : 170mm(The injection location is middle of part)



Thank you!

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Re: Warp results comparison according to Dual domain mesh and 3D mesh

02-12-2014 03:06 AM in reply to: FK1985



my advise is not to use DD for this part. What kind of match mesh did you have by meshing in DD. Should be over 90.

Otherwise use 3D.


What warpage quality is your material? gold, silver bronze?



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