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Temperature at flow front query

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01-26-2014 05:39 AM

Hi I have a query temperature at flow front


used D mesh, material is PP 


use film gate at 4 directions, model's thickness is 0.4t, gate thickness is 0.2t 


so, attached photo


I can't understand temperature distribution. 


Is it because of No Flow Temperature?  This material's T(transition) is 116.9 Celsius. 


But, temperature has not 116.9 Celsius area. 

image 48.jpg

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Re: Temperature at flow front query

01-26-2014 08:21 PM in reply to: nachal20



This is typical problem for Moldflow to predict exact flow behavior for complex part with thin areas like grills considering dual domain mesh model.

In this case, we have many flow fronts and lots of flow hesitation due to thin areas. We need to predict exact flow behavior specifically to check temperature of flow front and short shot determination.


To be on safe side during analysis and predict better results, I suggest to make fine mesh & reduce part thickness in this area manually like 0.8mm or 1mm, (else you can use shape factor to calculate exact thickness), if your product is OK for this reduce thickness with fine mesh (minimum two or three set of elements in thin areas), we can say, part will fill without any problem in real life.


Please consider good material grade & optimum process setting during analysis, so that your results will be close to reality.


Hope it solves your problem.


Thanks and Regards,

Pushkar Tagde


Thanks and Regards,
Pushkar Tagde
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Re: Temperature at flow front query

01-31-2014 06:53 AM in reply to: pushkar.tagde

You could create a 3D mesh from the dual-domain mesh and run it that way.  That would properly catch the heat loss from the grill area.  If you must stay with a dual domain mesh, you could create the grill area from beams with the correct shape assigned to them.



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