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Beam Elements Not Connecting

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03-12-2014 09:39 AM

I am having issues figuring out why these beams will not connect. I first noticed they weren't connected when I tried to run the analysis and it failed because there was no way for the material to get to the part. Any ideas?

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Re: Beam Elements Not Connecting

03-13-2014 11:29 AM in reply to: ben_mendenhall



Your picture is showing two curves, not beam elements. The easiest way to conenct beam elements that are offset like this is to merge the nodes on the ends of the beams you want to connect. Another solution would be to delete the beam that is not connected on one or both ends, and then use the create beams tool and select nodes from the two beams you wish to conenct. Let me know if  you have any questions and I can try to diagram it.


- Jeff

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