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Watertreatment process CFD question

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05-03-2012 09:13 AM


I am new chemical engineering student & I am relatively new in AutoCAD & CFD world, I have autocad & autodesk mechanical simulation. I have university task of designing 3 concrete tanks for Watertreament process both 2 of them have mechanical agitator (blade mixer) & the other contain (1-scraber -to scrub sludge- & 2-stainless steel plates with 55 degree angel inclination with 10 cm spacing between each plate). I want to know how should I consider the movment of in the agitator in autocad can I preset the rpm of the motors so it can give me different results in CFD? can I simulate water the have sand & clay particles knowing the size distrubution of the particles & density?


Please advise me of literatures, papers & tutorial that would help me in drawing specially the agitators & CFD ?






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Re: Watertreatment process CFD question

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Use MRF(Multiple Rotating Frames of Reference) for the rotating agitator, beware of the assumptions using MRF no free surface with combing to MRF. 

Here is the direct link to ASIM-MP's wiki on Multiple Rotating Frames of Reference 



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