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Meshing a VAWT

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04-24-2012 11:30 AM

I designed turbine on Autodesk 2011 and i converted it to a stp file and opened it in Autodesk algor simulator. I changed the analysis to steady fluid flow but the CAD mesh options are red and when i generate the mesh i get retries and when it is done the piece is deformed and pieces are missing. How will i be able to generate the mesh? and am i using the right analysis type?

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Re: Meshing a VAWT

04-25-2012 05:28 AM in reply to: JSalinas29

hello salinas29 


I see a problem with cad almost got zero thickness at the end of each vane....I don't know whether the part will be like that or not   in the real world........but I guess solid elements need thickness right.....any how experts are on their way...:smileyhappy:

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Re: Meshing a VAWT

04-25-2012 06:54 AM in reply to: JSalinas29

hi, salinas29 

I have tried your CAD model, and got exact same issue as you, and the problem persisted by changing multyiple meshing settings. The roor appears came from the cad features on the tips of the blades, I would suggest you to do some changes in CAD and try different nurtual CAD format to import to ASIM/MP.

BTW, if you intend to do fluid analysis, the fluid part(s) are needed in simulation, the current CAD model is solid part, you can make fluid part(s) by boolean operation in many CAD packages. 



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