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Linear Heat Transfer from PV/Designer

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08-25-2013 11:48 PM

Hi All!!!


I'm doing a linear heat transfer analysis...I started the model in PV/Designer....But when I'm changing the edit element definition...It does not accept...Can PV/Designer model be used for heat transfer analysis?...If not, are there work around to make it work?...


Many Thanks in advance for the help,


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Re: Linear Heat Transfer from PV/Designer

08-26-2013 06:45 AM in reply to: tibor121774

Hi Tibor,


It should not matter where the model comes from. So please give a complete description of the problem, maybe even a step-by-step description starting from the Element Definition, when the problem occurs, and what the problem is.


The answer to these questions may be helpful, too:

  1. What version of Simulation Mechanical are you using?
  2. What analysis type are you using?
  3. What element type are you using?
  4. Can you make changes to "Setup > Model Setup > Parameters"?


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