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Hydrostatic pressure

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04-10-2014 02:37 PM




I am doing the test of Autodesk Simulation Mechanical for my company.  One of the simulation that we are testing is a floating roof of a tank. The roof has 27277mm of radius and level to the center of 136mm with a simple structure under it. We usually use a nonuniform pressure in other softwares but inventor has a hydrostatic pressure load. However, i can not apply the load to obtain all the arrows in the same direction. My higuest pressure should be in the center.


I dont know if is a problem of meshing , a problem of the form of the roof or what?




I tried with a non uniform pressure but i have the same result...


Some pressure up and others down over a simple shell.



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Re: Hydrostatic pressure

04-15-2014 10:33 AM in reply to: txfingenieria



It looks like you may have left the element normal point left to default.  Here is a brief explanation of what the element normal does (from the help):



Normal Point (X), Normal Point (Y), and Normal Point (Z). A point in space is used to control the orientation of the element's normal axis (+3 axis), or which side of the element is the top side (+3 side) and the bottom side (-3 side). The normal direction is determined by specifying a point in space using the Normal Point (X), Normal Point (Y), and Normal Point (Z)columns. See Figure 2. A positive normal pressure is applied normal to the plate elements in the direction of the +3 axis and points away from the element normal point.

Tip: The normal point does not need to be over the element as implied by Figure 2. Mathematically, the side of the plate element that faces the element normal coordinate is the bottom of the element.
 Figure 2: Determining the Element Normal

 The edge-on view of the plate element is shown. 




For your model, I recommed editing the element definition and putting in a value of 1 in the Normal Point (Y) field.

Normal Point.JPG

James Kubli

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