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Algor toolbar in ProE?

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05-10-2010 07:54 AM
Hello, I have installed Algor 2010 on my local hard drive and ProE 5 is running from a network. I installed Incad for ProE, but the toolbar didn't show up in ProE.

Is there any way to get the toolbar in ProE? It used to work with Algor 23.1and ProE 4.

Thank you for the help.
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Re: Algor toolbar in ProE?

05-10-2010 11:08 AM in reply to: Cliffbailey8103

During the Autodesk Algor software installation, an InCAD installation window will appear for ProE. After selecting the version of ProE was installed and selecting the startup executable or batch file, the other information is automatically filled. This causes data to be entered into the "Config.pro" file in your ProE installation, such as:

!== ALGOR Setup ==
PROTKDAT C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Algor Simulation 2011\text\protk.dat

This points to further information specified in the Algor installation directory, which in turn points to a DLL used in ProE for the pull-down menu and transfer of model data to Algor. One some installations of ProE, a new "Config.pro" ProE configuration file is copied down from a network location, which overwrites any existing "Config.pro" file that may have already existed on your computer. This is a ProE configuration option to ensure all users use the same configuration options on all computers running ProE. If you configuration file is being overwritten, then you will need to update the master "Config.pro" file to include the data listed above, where "C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Algor Simulation 2011" reflects the Autodesk Algor installation directory on your computer.

The only way to see the InCAD for ProE installation window is to repeat the Autodesk Algor Simulation installation. If this widow does not appear during your installation, then either ProE was not installed to the same computer for which Algor is being installed, or was installed in a manner where the appropriate registry entries do not exist.

Pat Tessaro, P.E.
Autodesk Inc.
Pat Tessaro, P.E.
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Re: Algor toolbar in ProE?

05-16-2011 11:44 PM in reply to: Cliffbailey8103

Hi, Pat-san


I also had some trouble. (Autodesk Simulation tool bar doesn't come up in Pro/E GUI)

Could you advise me ?


[My Local Preferences]

OS: Windows 7 Professional x64bit

Softwares: PTC Pro/Engineer Wildfire 4.0 (M020) (32bit ver)

                    Autodesk Simulation 2012 (64bit ver)


Refering to Autodesk Simlation 2012 help, I've checked inside of "protk.dat" stowed in text directory, and

I could not identify what's the exactry problem...


My protk.dat file shows...



NAME ALGOR Menu for ProEngineer
EXEC_FILE C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Algor Simulation 2012\PEMnu23-win-ix86.dll
TEXT_DIR C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Algor Simulation 2012
unicode_encoding false


And, in the installation directory of Autodesk Simulation 2012, there are many DLL files as follows.


- PEMnu21-win-ix86.dll

- PEMnu22-win-ix86.dll

- PEMnu23-win-ix86.dll

- PEMnu64-win-x64.dll

- agsdb_ar.dll

- agsdb_ar-win-ix86.dll

- agsdb_ar-win-x64.dll


[Question 1]

In the installation wizard, I have chosed "Pro/Engineer 2001(And on)" for Wildfire 4.0.

Was it correct ? Otherwise, in my case, which DLL of above should be selected ?

(Default set after installation was "PEMnu23-win-ix86.dll", but in the help it was written to select "agsdb_ar-win-ix86.dll".)

I confused ...


[Question 2]

Should I change 23 to 24 for "REVISION" in protk.dat file manually ?



Best Regards,



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Re: Algor toolbar in ProE?

02-14-2013 06:38 AM in reply to: PipePakPat

Hey Pat,


Great information, thanks for the clarification! I just came upon this thread. Although I do have one question that is puzzling me, upon exiting Pro/E (Wildfire 5.0 M030) I receive an error message: Pro/E has encountered a problem..., and then a trace back log will generate. This only occurs when Algor is connected thru Pro/E via the config option, any thoughts?


Charlie Graham

CAD Administrator

Stryker Spine

Allendale, NJ



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