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Algor Reports - Control of Figures

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03-12-2010 07:42 AM
I cannot figure out how to delete a results figure from a report once it is included. I also find it difficult to make the figures that go into the report apprear with the correct scaling - I size and position the figures correctly before putting them into the presentation files and saving but the figures that appear in the report often have different scaling - too small or too large and as mentioned above I can't remove the ones that are wrong. "Help" does not seem to cover either of these points nor the tutorials.
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Re: Algor Reports - Control of Figures

03-12-2010 11:25 AM in reply to: GWaterman

The size and quality of the images included in the report match those of the screen resolution and window size of the interface when exporting the image. If the image appears in poor quality, it may be represented in a smaller size, which is typical for HTML reports. One can click the image to view the image in full size and verify its quality. One can edit reports from within Algor's "Report" tab by right-clicking on the HTML Report in the model tree and chose "Configure". One can the select and delete items from the tree, or drag items to different locations. Feel free to contact the Autodesk Algor technical support for additional information at .

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