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Error message at Boundary Condition Data setting

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05-12-2013 01:28 AM

Hi, I understand web and phone support is only for active subscription (paid sub?), and not academic subscriptions. Thus I would like to post my request for help here. I was not able to proceed with my CFD simulation because at/after the BC data stage an error appears.


The error window asks me to send the .cfz file to the support staff but I cant seem to find any support. My cfz file is attached if anyone would be kind enough to help me look at it. The log file is also attached. It seems to say


[12:01:59] ### Critical: source\clt_runwidget.cpp 703
The Analysis has stopped because the Solver has exited unexpectedly


I am basically taking a geometry from revit architecture and trying to simulate with a simple laminar wind flow.


Appreciate any form of assistance. Thanks!

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Re: Error message at Boundary Condition Data setting

05-13-2013 02:03 AM in reply to: cumulo_nimbus



This sounds like you have the wrong Boundary Conditions assigned.

If you are running a wind tunnel type analysis, you only really need 2 Boundary Conditions.


An inlet flow rate or velocity on the inlet

A p=0 at the outlet.


You can add slip/symmetry on the side walls/top if you wanted, to remove the friction.


Hope that helps.





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Re: Error message at Boundary Condition Data setting

05-13-2013 11:43 AM in reply to: cumulo_nimbus
External surfaces that do not have a boundary condition are defaulted to a 0 Velocity or no-slip wall assumption. You can remove all the 0 Normal velocity components.

Also, you do not need to define 0 velocity for your initial conditions.

Are you sure using laminar is appropriate for this model? I would probably stick with default settings.


Royce Abel
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Re: Error message at Boundary Condition Data setting

08-25-2013 01:17 AM in reply to: Royce_adsk



I have the same situation as "cumulo_nimbus". my Simulation CFD solver exits unexpectedly upon reaching the "processing input" stage of the solving process. I have attached a copy of the .cfd file I was advised by the program to submit.


The context of this program is the construction of a simple 6m square house in Autodesk Revit, using generic models, which has then been loaded into Simulation CFD for a solar heating thermal analysis. I hope to understand the heating effects on the internal brick partition walls, with the sun heating the building through a north facing window and a thermally insulated ceiling preventing downward heating through the roof.


I would also be interested in obtaining further support through either basic support or advanced support, however I am a student completing this project as part of a research thesis, and as such do not have an autodesk subscription. Am i able to purchase a subscription alone, in the interest of gaining either web or phone support on a one to one basis?


I appreciate your help in this matter.





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