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Directional axes in SimCFD 2014?

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01-20-2014 01:58 AM

I just realised that the little axes on the navigation cube have vanished in default settings of 2014. I typically work with long geometries and now to see the axes, I have to zoom on the coordinate axes to see the labels. Am I missing something, or it was actually removed? If it was, then I really (I mean, literally) don't understand why. I have to now identify axes by the colors. Go figure! 


Guess I should add this suggestion in Idea Station, NOT to remove any such subtle features in further iterations. It doesn't always make the iteration better, because simple is not always the best.

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Re: Directional axes in SimCFD 2014?

01-20-2014 03:51 AM in reply to: OmkarJ

Hi Omkar,


Yes, often these small changes are made to bring all software in-line with each other. I am sure this is already on the Idea Station but I cannot find it on it's own - only included here.



Perhaps add Kudos here and a comment?


Kind regards,


Jon Wilde
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