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Improve messaging and feedback for CAD and meshing issues

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by alain.benchissou on ‎03-07-2014 01:41 AM - last edited on ‎03-13-2014 11:49 AM by Employee

Having a better understand of the problems that could be present in a model where meshing here.

We have had a file this week where the solid mesh was launching and after 30 minutes of working, no message came...



We discovered then that 2 adjacent surfaces were joined at a zero angle and so, should lead to a problem ; but not message in this sense..


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For models with large patterns the Inventor export will not work or take days, so the only way to work "efficiently" is to export/import *.sat-files.

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There are times when a part is used many times at the assembly level that selecting all the surface cad entity groups is not feasible or would take too much time.


What the user would like to do is be able to assign the CAD entity group at the part level and have those entity groups be available at the assembly level for each instance of that part.  This way the assignment only needs to be done once.

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When I clicked the CAD Entity Groups function (from SolidWorks which is my CAD tool) and if there are existing groups, I noticed those groups in the pop-up window "Grouping Geometric Entities" were auto-expanded and the highlighter was always rested on the bottommost group. If I wanted to check or review a particular part or parts in a specific group, it would require me to do the following processes:

  1. Click and hold the window, then move it toward to a more central area of screen. This is because it always popped up on the upper left corner of screen where it blocked the SolidWorks FeatureManager design tree.
  2. Hold the LMB (Left Mouse Button) on the window's slider bar and move it all way to top.
  3. Click the "-" sign in front of each group to collapse it until all groups were collapsed so that I could see all existing groups.
  4. Look carefully at all groups because it seemed to be sorted in an order unknown to me, and locate the one I need. Then I finally could expand the specific group to examine its contents.

You can imagine this is a quite tedious an inefficient process. I would suggest the following improvements:

  1. Let the window popped up at the place where it was closed last time. The default position could be set at the center of screen, as almost everyone's design tree is on the left-hand side of screen regardless what CAD tool is being used.
  2. Sort the existing groups alphabetically.
  3. Make those groups initially auto-collapsed, and rest the highlighter on the topmost group.

After expanding the specific group that I went to examine and found a few entities required to be removed, I could only remove them one at a time. If there were Ctrl+LMB and Shift+LMB functions to allow multiple selections at a time, it would increase the user efficiency by aligning with the Windows experience (my OS is Microsoft Windows based).


Now, say, I also wanted to create a new group. I went to start picking entities for that group. I could see the first picked entity shown under the new group name. As I went along picking more entities, it appeared to me that they were not shown up in the Grouping Geometric Entities window. Then I realized the slider bar was slightly moving while I was picking more entities. It turned out those picked entities were appended in the same group under the first picked entity. This process would made the verification of entity picking harder. I would suggest that rather making the slider bar moving, it might be easier to verify if the entire expanded group were moving upward so that the newly picked entity would always appear at the bottom of the visible region inside this window.


This is how I would hope the CAD Entity Groups could be improved.

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Spray Nozzle Evaporative Cooling

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by msmith120 on ‎06-19-2014 07:29 AM

I would like to be able to simulate a nozzle that sprays water into an air stream. Ideally I would be able to view evaporation of the water into the air stream (evaporative cooling) and condensation of moisture from warm air onto the cold droplets of the spray (dehumidification).

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An additional buttion in the design study manager that clones the selected design and updates it with the active geometry. So we do not have the clone a design in CFD.

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Please support the Inventor's positional presentation




It help to compare the difference of component's position

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Axis of Rotation not modifiable

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by kpoersch on ‎03-11-2014 05:41 AM

It has been confirmed that single-channel impellers can not be simulated with rotating region, if the center of mass is not inline with the rotational axis. Also if working with two different material densities for the impeller, the result is an elliptic rotation, so the case cannot be solved. Only when building a "balance mass" onto the impeller, the case can be simulated; but the torque results aren't usable (higher because of additional faces). So it would be nice to change the axis of rotation in the simulation program, to get usable results.

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Pivot point lag, and general navigation

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by jarrodpirtle on ‎07-03-2013 01:57 PM

New "Pivot" point in release 2014 seriously hinders scroll-zoom and orbit. I appreciate the attempt at consistency with other Autodesk products, but the lag involved in generating the pivot makes the product almost unusable. I assume this is only a problem with larger models, but that's generally all I work with.


In addition, Simulation should utilize the navigation system from the product of origin. And this should be reflected in the view cube.

  • Models generated by Inventor are usually parts which benefit from a "free-form" type of navigation.
  • Models generated by Revit will almost always have a defined "up" and "down". Navigation within a 3D view in Revit reflects this up/down constraint. 
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Importing Material Callouts Used in CAD

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by hhecht on ‎05-06-2013 04:16 PM

It would be great if Simulation CFD would recognize the materials that are associated with Inventor part files without having to create rules within Simulation CFD.  It would greatly improve the efficiency of my work flow.  This should be very doable since you are now part of the Autodesk family.  On another note, what about importing MatWeb data?

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