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Just downloaded 2015 … saw the same big appetite for TCP ports.  As previously observed and discussed, Simulation Job Manager (SJM) opens a  port for each little file (~5 KB) and I believe this is the primary contributor to the lack of robustness and the lack of speed.


I looked forward to 2015 as I thought SJM might get SPDY (as in SPeeDY)?  SPDY is a technology that is seemingly tailor made for SJM as it allows multiple SSL file transfers over the same connection, as well as server push and prioritization.  SPDY development began in 2009 and it is now mature, open source code that's widely used in many client-server platforms, in every major web browser, and on many websites.  It's probably telling that Autodesk.com is not one of those sites ( http://spdycheck.org/#autodesk.com ), so it seems SJM is not the only internet code and platform at Autodesk that has not adopted new web technologies which simultaneously enhances performance and security.


Below is an excerpt discussing performance impacts of eliminating SSL negotiation and connection time.  Also, there is the question of a CDN, and of course SJM uses Akamai so this may be applicable.


…”These results blew my mind. We are seeing the great SSL negotiation times. Then, for items 2-15 (our assets), there is no additional SSL negotiation or connection times. SPDY’s HTTP multiplexing is allowing all of these request to occur over the same TCP connection. We do not need to make additional connections or SSL negotiations. All of the items on the page are loaded in just over 900ms, which is outstanding (yes, that’s faster than the old site, but the server is also closer).

Also notice, that there is less diagonal flow to this waterfall. This shape is due to how SPDY allows multiple HTTP requests over the same TCP connection. It is important to note that while using the CDN, we received no benefit from SPDY. By removing the CDN, we start to see the benefit of reusing a TCP connection and SSL negotiation. 

Clearly, SPDY is providing a huge benefit for us here. While we lose the 70-90ms in SSL negotiation, we save so much time in not creating more connections due to HTTP multiplexing.”



SPDY (pronounced speedy) is an open networking protocol developed primarily at Google for transporting web content. SPDY manipulates HTTP traffic, with particular goals of reducing web page load latency and improving web security. SPDY achieves reduced latency through compression, multiplexing, and prioritization. The name "SPDY" is a trademark of Google and is not an acronym.

As of July 2012, the group developing SPDY has stated publicly that it is working toward standardisation (available as an Internet Draft). The first draft of HTTP 2.0is using SPDY as the working base for its specification draft and editing.

Implementations of SPDY exist in ChromiumMozilla FirefoxOperaAmazon Silk, and Internet Explorer.


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It would be great to view sim 360 job status online, as well as some static images of results.

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Leveraging SIM360 for optimization

Status: New Idea
by Employee on ‎10-31-2012 05:07 PM

Ive spoken to a number of users that have asked for more optimization capabilities. The 360 offering seems ideally suited to eliminate some of the long solution times required by optimization as well as some of the IT infrastructure of running multiple simulations.


All of the above can be addressed w. SIM360, but it has to be uber simple and a natural extension of what simulation is today. I dont believe people are looking for complex optimization algorithms to choose from, rather implement it in such a way that the software inherently tries/suggests alternatives.

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local mesh control

Status: New Idea
by Employee on ‎02-13-2013 11:47 AM

User would like to get more visual help and mesh information when they are setting (over-riding)  the local mesh sizes- something like the average mesh size on a chosen entity (face, edge,..) would help- also some quick visual feedback around that area (for example show the chosen element length on the surrounding edges) would be very nice as well- 

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Turbulence Intensity profiles

Status: New Idea
by chris.friedl on ‎06-11-2014 10:11 PM

Piecewise linear profiles for inlet velocity can now be set in SimCFD2015. Great for approximating the Atmospheric Boundary Layer (ABL) which is needed for architectural applications such as pedestrian comfort. However the ABL also comes with non-uniform Turbulence Intensity (TI). TI is roughly opposite to the ABL velocity profile, i.e. high intensity at the ground falling to much lower with increasing height.


Why not improve the fidelity of SimCFD in the building aerodynamics world by adding the ability to include piecewise linear TI profiles rather than just a constant value.

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When I open an analysis that is running in the cloud, my computer needs to download the latest information in order to display it.  The real issue is, you don't know if there is actually anything going on or not.  I've stared at the screen for over 10 minutes waiting for the data to transfer (assuming it was actually trying) only to have it not come up or come up 20 minutes later.


It would be nice to have a status indicator that shows when the software is communicating with the cloud and maybe even a status bar showing how far it still has to go.



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From the forum post here: http://forums.autodesk.com/t5/Sim-360/Weight-and-center-of-gravity-in-Sim-360/td-p/5002986


It would benificial to have these properties available for the simulation model via browser context menu or in the report.

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default solver

Status: New Idea
by alain.benchissou on ‎03-07-2014 06:10 AM




We would like be able to define a local solver type

     - whether cloud

     - whether locale



Actually on the Sim 360 Pro, if you want  to use the locale one, a manipulation is needed - and so be able to define a default one could fix this.


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Support Wall Calculator for Motion Bodies

Status: New Idea
by Product Support on ‎11-19-2013 09:09 AM

Currently, when using motion (like linear motion) you cannot use the wall calculator on those bodies.   It would be great if we could use the wall calculator on those bodies, especially the force calculation.

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Sim 360 "Results Extraction -CFD"

Status: New Idea
by Active Contributor ajay.s on ‎10-30-2013 12:46 AM

Dear Cloud Users,


It would be advantageous with following features,


1. if SIM 360 can import loads from file (eg. Desktop CFD results to be imported)

2. If SIM 360 can have option for Database Translation  (so that, results like(.csv)/(nodeFEA.xyz) can be imported into Desktop CFD)

3. Also, Easy/direct trasnfer of Pressure/Temp results from CFD to Mech (Bi-directional) with SIM 360Pro.


Many Thanks




Simulation Engg. 

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Allow jobs to be ported to another machine.

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Display Available Job Credits in SJM

Status: New Idea
by Product Support on ‎02-22-2013 09:43 AM

Currently the user has no idea how many credits are available unless they communicate with the contract manager.  It would be useful for them to know how many credits are remaining more up front.