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It would be great to view sim 360 job status online, as well as some static images of results.

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When I open an analysis that is running in the cloud, my computer needs to download the latest information in order to display it.  The real issue is, you don't know if there is actually anything going on or not.  I've stared at the screen for over 10 minutes waiting for the data to transfer (assuming it was actually trying) only to have it not come up or come up 20 minutes later.


It would be nice to have a status indicator that shows when the software is communicating with the cloud and maybe even a status bar showing how far it still has to go.



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Allow jobs to be ported to another machine.

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Display Available Job Credits in SJM

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by Product Support Royce_adsk on ‎02-22-2013 09:43 AM

Currently the user has no idea how many credits are available unless they communicate with the contract manager.  It would be useful for them to know how many credits are remaining more up front.