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Problem with opening file after moving it

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01-03-2012 06:39 AM


I have a problem with my ARSA 2011. When i create a model or file i save it on my C disk to some folder or to the desktop. After that,I copy or move the file to the our company shared server (so other people can acess to it and open it). Now, if i try to open file from the server i have no model, no results, nothing. Clear screen. Others can ipen it without any problems. If i cope/move my file back to local disk/desktop, i can open it without any problems (results and model are avaliable). Can you help me? Where is the problem and how to fix it? Some older files, which i was created lets say 4-5-6-7 months ago i cant open even on my local C!!! My own models and projects!

Its absurdity, when I ask my mates to open my own file and tell my the bar forces!


One more thing. When i try to open file from the server by doble clicking i get the clear screen, but when i go to robot and try to open same file from the robot i get the error message.


PS I have talked to local ARSA distributor and they recommended me to check the local C. Our IT team has cheked it and it was OK.

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Re: Problem with opening file after moving it

01-03-2012 07:33 AM in reply to: Jummybear

Strange !


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