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Robot Structural Analysis

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Nonlinear Analysis

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04-10-2012 10:15 AM

Hi Dear:

I saw in your reference :

Structure non-linearity can be related to a single structure element (structural or material non-linearity) or can be a result of the force-deformation relationship in the whole structure (geometric non-linearity).


but can't find any option to define nonlinearities!!!. Is there any option?

I want to define nonlinear concrete. Could you please help me? Thank you.

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Re: Nonlinear Analysis

04-10-2012 10:27 AM in reply to: MohammadZaman

You can't define nonlinear concrete properties in Robot. 

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Re : Nonlinear Analysis

04-10-2012 01:18 PM in reply to: MohammadZaman

Good question ?

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