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Need some help with purlin design

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07-04-2012 08:52 AM

i need to design a C form purlins for ceiling panels. Calculation scheme is as follows:
- Pinned supports on the top flange on the ends of purlin
- Loads on the low flange
Question is, how to simulate the correct fixing of low flange (as it will be, when panels will be screwed)?
See model attached.

My design limits are- stresses from ULS - 200MPa, displacements in Z -30mm.
Dont mind the stresses at the supports, joints will be designed in other way.

Thank You.

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Re: Need some help with purlin design

07-04-2012 10:16 AM in reply to: maronas

Hi Maronas,


you have to take care to the buckling behavior of your purlin. The top flange of C thin walled beam is compressed!!! See the eurocode 3 verification procedure for thin walled (cold formed) beam.



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