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The proposed method for modeling

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12-28-2013 02:25 PM




In your opinion, Can I create a method like the following picture.




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Re: The proposed method for modeling

12-30-2013 04:52 PM in reply to: gh_ar

In such a case I think that the most appropriate method is using   Mass Floors  ( for sun shading structure and Wall by Face for the perforation borders :

  1. In Project ( Conceptual Mass can also be used) > Massing and Site > In- Place Mass > on Level 1 draw a closed shape ( I made a Spline Through Points)
  2. select the shape edges and : Create Form >Solid Form
  3. in a 3d View adjust the height of extrusion, then select (using TAB) the upper surface > Edit Profile and and pull the points as you want to obtain a different shape ( image 01
  4. the Mass become something like in image 02
  5. Now, create a Void - setting  Level 1 as Work Plane > Pick Lines with an offset equal with the depth of your desired horizontal sun shading structure and then setting Work Plane to Level 2 repeat the process  - a mass as in image 03 will be obtained
  6. Now ,back into the Project , in Level 1 Floor Plan , draw a Reference Plane and Name it  ( I call it Ref Plane A) - Image 04
  7.  select the Mass  >  Edit in Place  In an Elevation View paralel with Reference plane A  , set the Work Plane to Ref Plane A and draw a shape for the hole  - image 05 - and then, Create Form > Solid Form - for the moment -  ( image 06 )
  8. edit the top face of the new extrusion pulling the driving points  (image 07 ). Insert a Profil in X-Ray  so to make curvature (image 08 )
  9. from Propertie , turn the new extrusion into a Void   - the result is like in image 09
  10. finish Mass and turn to Project
  11. in Project , in an Elevation View  draw a new Level and using array cover the whole height of the building - name the levels somehow (A to S in my case) . The new Levels reprezent the distance between horizontal sun shading elements...image 010
  12. Create Mass Floors at selected levels ( A -S)  and , after that : Floor > Floor by Face > Multiple Selection - use window selection to select all mass floors . You have to make a special type of floor with the thicknes of you mullion  - image 013
  13. as for the hole borders use : Wall > Wall by Face > Location Line > Finish Face Interior - the final result is something like in image 014

Other methods could be : Curtain Wall or using Divide Surface with Curtain Panel Pattern Based, but in my oppinion they have not such a good result



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Re: The proposed method for modeling

12-30-2013 05:02 PM in reply to: constantin.stroescu

Hi constantin.stroescu


I am really grateful to you that you always answer my questions.


I wish I could to do compensate for commend your efforts.


I'm trying to display the result

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Re: The proposed method for modeling

01-05-2014 10:44 PM in reply to: constantin.stroescu

Actually, I just wanted to add a positive comment and commend you for such a great, detailed response.  Really awesome to see that kind of help.  

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