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Re: Autocad Architecture Floor Plan into Revit 3D Model

07-05-2012 08:56 AM in reply to: bsd09051


Again, that whole idea is totally out of the question, Revit doesn't work

anything like that. If you want to build something in Revit that was drawn

in AutoCAD, pin it up on the wall above your monitor and use it to help

you built the thing in Revit. That's it, that's the truth. But yes there are

some exceptions for importing dwg lines.



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Re: Autocad Architecture Floor Plan into Revit 3D Model

07-05-2012 09:01 AM in reply to: bsd09051

IFC import/export is really the only choice to get the objects from AutoCAD Architecture into Revit.  This method is however going to be somewhat limited.  The IFC objects imported into Revit will be Revit objects, but may not behave in all of the same ways you might want them too.  It will be limited.  Rofs are a good example; a simple hip roof comming in via IFC will be created as 4 seperate slabs.  The "roof" in this case will not modify like a typical roof created in Revit would.  The 4 slabs are technically "roofs" but that is pretty much where it stops.


If you are goign to need to do significant modification to the geometry imported via IFC you will probably want to consider re-modeling in native Revit objects.  If it is to document existing conditions or preform a remodel project of some kind the IFC stuff is probably ok.

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Re: Autocad Architecture Floor Plan into Revit 3D Model

07-06-2012 10:52 AM in reply to: loboarch

Thank you,


I am dissapointed that its not as easy as i would like, but thats life! I just hate to take all that time to re-draw...almost not worth it.


If anything changes let me know!



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Re: Autocad Architecture Floor Plan into Revit 3D Model

07-06-2012 11:10 AM in reply to: bsd09051

bsd09051 wrote:

hate to take all that time to re-draw.. 



I will give you here a simple key to understanding what you are still

not understanding. This is very valuable for people new to Revit.


You don't "re-draw" anything in Revit. You start virtual construction,

and that is called a "model".


It's possible to just start building a model without any sketch lines

to start from, but that's the same as starting to build the real building

with no construction documents.


With CAD, they drew the lines and then built the actual building from

those lines. With BIM, they draw the lines, maybe with AutoCAD or a

pencil, and then build a virtual model from those lines, that is then

converted into construction documents, from the model.


So now there is a new step in-between.


If you are just building a simple house or something, you may not

need a virtual model. But if you are building a medical center, you

do need a virtual model. 


I guess the reason Autodesk bundles AutoCAD with Revit is because

AutoCAD can give us all the preliminary lines we need to start the 

Revit model. And there are many different ways to use those CAD

lines to build a Revit model.


I hope this helps you.








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Re: Autocad Architecture Floor Plan into Revit 3D Model

10-29-2012 06:18 PM in reply to: vector3

Thank you for clarifying.  Agreed, Revit is modeling, not drawing.  However, he's trying not to "re-build" the model components that are already in 3D CAD.  I'm in the same situation.  The previous team was more comfortable with modeling in CAD, but when we took over to start DD, Revit is more appropriate for our team.  Since both CAD and Revit are from Autodesk, we were hoping the model components (including walls, doors, window system, curtain wall, some furnitures and even overhang, etc.) would be convertable.  Even knowing we need to re-build some pieces, it is a bit disappointed to find out they are not as easy to convert / transferrable.

Thanks anyway.


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Re: Autocad Architecture Floor Plan into Revit 3D Model

10-29-2012 06:46 PM in reply to: vector3

I would simply finish the project that was started in AutoCAD Architecture, using the same software. New projects can be started in Revit, if that is the decision. I don't see why a project from ACA should be converted into Revit. It is not technically possible, but both programs are very capable, why do you bother with the conversion?

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