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3d Dashed Line / Arrow Family ?

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12-13-2013 04:37 AM

I'm building a couple of 3d massign models and a thought occured to me.


Is it possible to create a 3d dashed line family (ideally with a 3d arrow head graphic) that could be used via a drawn line in the model to act as a path ?


If possible, then parameters could be used to set height, depth, dash gap etc.


It would allow for quick 3d annotation on views - including shadows to help them 'pop'


Not quite sure where to start. I can use sweeps etc. but not sure if a family can use a path that is essentially outside of the family itself.


Could it even use an MEP family - based around something like a duct route, but substituting a dashed 3d form and a termination of an arrow ?


Not a critical item - just a thought on what might be possible.