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Story Track

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03-27-2008 12:30 AM
Hello all.

I am trying to get the in and out points of my story tracks. I can grab the Start and Stop but I also need the in and out points for the clips which dont match the timecode of the scene. Sorry if this is confusing, I havent been able to find any information on the terminology that I should be using. Basically, when you select a story track it shows you 4 timecodes and I need to be able to grab all of those.

Here's what I have:

story = FBStory()

stofo = story.RootFolder
for track in stofo.Tracks:
for clip in track.Clips:
print clip.Start.GetTimeString()
print clip.Stop.GetTimeString()

Then I have tried MarkIn, MarkOut, and ShotActionStart and ShotActionStop. None of those give me the numbers that I need. Help! Thanks!
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Re: Story Track

03-28-2008 06:05 PM in reply to: rurulesunc
Not sure, but are you looking for this two:

from pyfbsdk import *

lStoryFolder = FBStory().RootFolder
for lTrack in lStoryFolder.Tracks:
for lClip in lTrack.Clips:
print lClip.PropertyList.Find('FirstLoopMarkIn').Data.GetTimeString()
print lClip.PropertyList.Find('LastLoopMarkOut').Data.GetTimeString()
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Re: Story Track

04-01-2008 01:29 AM in reply to: rurulesunc
Thats exactly what I needed. Thanks so much!
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