Project Basejump for AutoCAD Map 3d / AutoCAD Civil 3D

Project Basejump for AutoCAD Map 3d / AutoCAD Civil 3D

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Project BaseJump, Cool but utterly useless addon.

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01-18-2013 05:46 AM

Good try Autodesk, I mean that.  From a bird eye perspective you have created a great tool for geospatial users to overlay maps on real world drawings.  This can seem to be a useful, however as it stands it misses some very crucial features that will result in me uninstalling it after this post.


#1 - You cannot export the map image to a regular image format. Ok I understand there are 'copyright' issues, but in all seriousness, is that not why you dumped google maps?  If microsoft thinks that can get royalties from companies to use aerial imagery, why not do that from the outset?  Make this addon a package that can be bought, or better yet give microsoft a portion of the license profits of the software.  Otherwise stop wasting both your time and ours.


#2 - Not all imagery is perfectly aligned. If you think it is, you are fooling yourself.  We have surveyors pick up points and when overlayed with the imported maps, they dont match.  Since again I cannot save the image and adjust it to match what I know are KNOWN coordinates, it makes the overlay image not only useless, it reduces the credibilty of the survey work.


#3 - Once the image is 'rastered' why not freeze the LOD to the best resolution available for that area?  Why does it need to remain dynamic?  Do you not realize how off putting it is to watch that load everytime you zoom in and out?


I can cheat the system by taking screen dumps and w/e but I dont want to have to do that to be able to actually make use of this 'addon'


I would also like to add that someone should write up a tutorial on actually how to use this addon, you know for users of CIVIL 3D, who are not familiar with MAP.  That way they can quickly come to the conclusion that, despite the cool factor, project basejump is of no use.



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Re: Project BaseJump, Cool but utterly useless addon.

01-23-2013 09:31 AM in reply to: dretch

I agree 100%

Bing Map aerials are very nice, but not if I can't save the image with high level of detail for a large site.

If this is all Autodesk is planning to do with this add-on, I will not have use of it.

I currently make my own background image using Xmap and rubbersheet it in.

We have need for an inexpesive solution of getting draft quality aerials quickless into Civil / Map.


We would love to see a solution that would allow us to connect fast and to be able to save a higher level image (of a large selected area) into one image file.

We will also miss not being able to export to a kml file in 2013. (has been very handy for sharing with non CAD users)

Get basejump more useable and yes, we would pay a yearly fee to be able to save the images.


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Re: Project BaseJump, Cool but utterly useless addon.

01-24-2013 07:40 AM in reply to: Jeffrow

I thought the idea of using a KML file to update Google Earth model was a fantastic idea, so much so that it almost cost me my job.


You see I had a job to design a running track for the Canada Summer Games and I sold the idea that I would create a KML file and distribute it to the Olympic commitee throught Google earth.  I believed this was the best way to present the data, all new and cutting edge.


I was extremely disappointed and pissed off at both AUTODESK AND GOOGLE for the problem I then faced.  The issue was the track was designed as a CUT situation. Anyone who has tried to use this feature and import it to google earth will recognise that you can import the file, but no way to cut out the existing ground.  So I had a model that was below ground, and therefore could not be seen.


I talked up the method many times to colleges, only to be embarassed at the final outcome when it came time to present my final product.


great for architects, not for civil designers.

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Re: Project BaseJump, Cool but utterly useless addon.

02-21-2013 06:18 PM in reply to: dretch

Thank you for the candid feedback.

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