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Looking for the ability to deliver content (Blog, Announcements, Reports etc) for users on their home page.  Perhaps a section that is admin controlled and can be filled with mutliple types of content.  Could fit in with the social concepts kicked around, however then it would require the Admins being able to set users to follow this content.  We are facing the issue of keeping a lasting place of issue resolutions, announcements, and updates for our users inside of PLM 360.  We could do it through email or in a workspace, but both lack to this would be visibility upon opening PLM 360.   

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More robust editor for Advance Print View

Status: New Idea
by Product Support piggeej on ‎04-17-2014 09:53 AM

It would be great and useful to have a more robust Advance Print view edtior, that included Tabs for full html editing, along with an attached CSS editor.



Tab one: current editor with ablity to add elements 

Tab two: Full html editor

Tab three: CSS editor

Tab four: Preview of edits not based on dmsID for layout views (color background etc...)

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Project Management Improvements

Status: New Idea
by Mentor on ‎04-10-2014 03:26 PM



I feel there is a need for significant improvements to the project management tab. I have been using it for a while and I have a number of issues. Many of them have bee reported here already (e.g. ability to add columns). However there are some fundamental changes required to make this tab useful for managing anything other than simple projects. Some other issues are;


- it is essential that reports can be run on projects

- milestone dates must be able to be changed and modified through the project UI (regardless of whether they are linked tasks or not)

- milestones and milestone status should be visible in the gantt chart

- Selectable colours

- etc etc etc


I'm a huge advocate of PLM 360 but currently the PM tab is letting it down. I've used another web based project management system before that I think you guys should have a look at. Please PM me for the URL if you're interested.





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Export Workspace View

Status: New Idea
by Active Contributor j.hendrickson on ‎03-05-2014 08:49 AM

I would like the ability to export the data from a workspace view rather than having to create a report first.  Second best would be to be able to create reports that mirror workspace views (maybe even keep them linked so that a linked report always matches a particular view).



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I have several assemblies with 100+ unreleased sub-items. 


When I add them to a change order I have to find them at the top level and select them one at the time.


When I select the top level assembly I can see the subasseblies and items, but it does allow me to select them. I have to find them all at the top level.

Why not allow me to select items in a BOM tree?.





Status: Accepted
Hi Sten, We appreciate your ideas and inputs. We will add this to our feature list. Thank you, Trung
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More UI Control Over Items

Status: Future Consideration
by Distinguished Contributor obourne on ‎01-29-2014 03:53 PM

I realise this could be a big topic for development but I'll keep it to a few requests:


  1. Be able to have item tabs listed on far right in a vertical orientaion. Makes for a bit more realestate at the top.
  2. Work wrapping on left view list (useful when field is a paragraph type).
  3. Control font type, color, underline etc. for Field Names.
  4. When editing item details have comment section be listed on left side. It will align with the field and be easier to match the comment to the field.
  5. Have format control over a matrix (i.e size, column width etc.)
  6. Be able to configure buttons that point to URLs for quick navigation. We can only point to items now. I'd like to point to reports, workspaces, admin sectionc etc.
Status: Future Consideration
Hi obourne, We appreciate your inputs and ideas. We will add this to our future development list. Thank you, Trung
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Allow Preview of the Attached File but Restrict Download

Status: Accepted
by Contributor Asingh5 ‎05-31-2013 10:52 AM - edited ‎05-31-2013 10:59 AM

Currently any attachment that is uploaded on PLM360 for a specific item can be downloaded from a user if the correct permission is granted.


If it was possible for a user to only have the preview functionality in the attachment tab permissible, that would be very beneficial in regards to security. This would allow users the access to view the attachment without having the threat of intellectual property being distributed.


Below is an image of the attachments tab. If the links circled below were removed or hidden, that would provide a suitable solution were the user wouldn’t be able to download the attachment.


Also if it were possible to view a larger preview of the attachment, that would enhance the user experience.





Status: Accepted
This is a good request. We will add this to the feature list. Continue submitting great ideas!
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Radio Button display

Status: Accepted
by Contributor michael.timmis on ‎08-08-2013 12:42 AM

I have a simple picklist, 1 to 5, for a scoring record. However when you change from a default drop down box to radio button, they display as a vertical list of the options, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5.


Radio Button Display.JPG


It would be good to have the option to make the radio buttons list horizontal or vertical. Improving the amount of space a form takes up on screen.


Thanks in advance.

Status: Accepted
This is a good feature, it gives the users more flexibility. We will add this to the list of features.
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If you could add the tabs to the workspace the same way you add a field, you would gain a ton of functionality. Even if you were still restricted to the same types of tabs currently available (grid, BOM, etc.), being able to add multiples of a tab and to add them only when necessary would be a great boost.

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When searching a workspace, every hit in all fields are shown in individual rows. Usually when I search, I'm looking for a specific item. Therefor I'm not interested in how many places my searchterm is found in ever item, just which items that have atleast one hit.


So I'd like an option to filter the search to only show each item once in the list.


Best regards

Johan Kenneberg

Status: Accepted
Hi Kenneberg, Many people that I have interacted, all suggested similar ideas. This was already added to our development list. Thank you, Trung

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