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Thumbnail for .DWF(X) attachments

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09-28-2012 06:44 AM

It was first indicated that a size limitation (what size?) stopped .dwf(x)'s from displaying a thumbnail for attachments.

Now I think I'm hearing that a preview of a .dwf(x) is NOT possible???

Can someone set this down in writing for us?






P.S. I thought the first size limit mentioned was 250 MB... yes, MB... well, if they meant KB, I can't get a .dwf(x) that small.  If .dwf(x) previews are available, the size limitation must be set to something much larger than 250 KB (our empty titleblock results in a 309KB file).

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Re: Thumbnail for .DWF(X) attachments

09-28-2012 07:55 AM in reply to: jdavis417

Right now I don't think DWF / DWFx are supported at all for a thumbnail.  If you use Internet explorer and have Design Review installed you will see the embedded viewer in the window - but this really isn't a thumbnail.


In the future we will be generating thumbs for common formats.  Stay tuned for that to improve.

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Re: Thumbnail for .DWF(X) attachments

09-28-2012 08:53 AM in reply to: broepke



Thanks for commiting that to writing.


I LOVE what .dwf (and .dwfx) does for our Design Review process and will gladly wait for the added bell and whistle of a preview (and it's ability to quickly print) rather than use "stoopid" .pdf's.


I will take this opportunity to say that it's somewhat difficult to remain a "champion" of the .dwf(x) format when it seems that Autodesk habitually states that .dwf(x) are "ready for use", when, in fact, they aren't quite.  Does anyone remember the "original" (or was it the 2nd) release of Design Review and the .dwf(x) format?  A former associate of mine was a member of the Developer Network and "bought in" to .dwf(x) at that early stage.  Well, he says that Autodesk back-tracked and wasted his time and effort (and gave him a "black eye" with his managers).  That was quite a while ago, but there's a lesson to learn... don't upset your faithful, core users and developers by giving them mis-information about the readiness of a product.  PDF (spits on floor) is so awfully inferior to Design Review for use on CAD files it's hard to believe that anyone would use it instead.  The fact that PDF seems to be the de-facto "standard" (despite its' obvious weakness) shows that timing and end-users can have more effect than actual functionality.


Support PDF if you want/must, but I'd love to see Design Review replace Acrobat for use on CAD formats.  Treating Design Review as an "afterthought" is simply "wrong thinking".  Remember our friends, the Telosians (from Star Trek pilot episode, "The Cage") who say, "Wrong thinking will be punished.  Right thinking will be as quickly rewarded".




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